by Bernard Lahousse
on March 6, 2015

Food is not just food, food = interaction!

Maybe you're convinced that food is just food. Well, food is not just food. Food is what you make of it. Food is interaction.

Did you know that we humans make an association between color and taste, something which we develop during our childhood? And that this association differs from culture to culture? Or that your wine will taste sweeter after touching and rubbing a soft teddy bear? I won't give it all away!

In this video, we explore the senses and the interaction between the senses when it comes to experiencing food. I will take you into an eye-opening multisensory experience. These insights will help you to better understand how food works and how people actually perceive it.

by Bernard Lahousse
Scientist, food aficionado and Foodpairing® founder Bernard Lahousse applies his scientific approach to food innovation and extends his knowledge to chefs and bartenders all over the world.

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