Next to the Flemish Foodies there is now also the Belgian Barflies featuring Olivier Jacobs, Erik Veldhuis and Ben Wouters. Happy to see there is more and more activity in the cocktail scene in Belgium.

Here the Foodpairing tree of Apple linked to a general profile of Tequila (any tequila company interested to make a Foodpairing analysis on their product?) to make the link with the other ingredients;

Here the movie of the cocktail by Ben Wouters;

Piña pepiño – Ben Wouters (Belgian Barflies) from piet de kersgieter on Vimeo.


This hot weather (at least a few days) and some experiments with basil made me remain of one of my favorite dessert with cherry; a sorbet of kriek gueuze with loads of basil. This is the FoodPairing tree of cherry (in this case sour cherry) with some possible pairings.

Comparing the outcome of this FoodPairing tree I came across a recipe on the cooking channel.
Sangria is not really my cup of tea. Probably because there is too much bad Sangria out there. But it makes sense to add peach, red wine, brandy,…to this Very cherry Sangria.


If you take a holiday in Italy, maybe you should try this ‘classic’ italian combination: eggplant and chocolate

I do love this pairing as it is an nice example that surprising combinations have been there throughout the ages (what is surprising in one culture can be very obvious in another) and of course they also result from a Foodpairing(R) analysis. Italian monks found by accident this combination. Luckily we have the equipment and method to find new pairings much more efficient.

Find here more combinations with cooked eggplant in a dynamic visualization which we call ‘a Foodpairing tree’.
Each branch is a category, like meat, dairy,… Scroll over the categories to find which category it is.
Click on the categories to find more examples.
Click on the ingredients to have some explanation about the product.
The closer to the middle the better the match. So litchi, oyster, potato, chicken,… all good ideas. We didn’t taste anything. It all results from scientific analysis.
This is a more advanced visualization of what we launched almost 5 years and almost 1000 flavor analysis ago. Enjoy!

A recipe of the eggplant – chocolate pairing you can find e.g. here

By looking into the tree you can also find apirings like one of my favorite with eggplant by Josean Martinez Alija of the Guggenheim restaurant in Bilbao: eggplant – licorice – olive oil. Recipe you can find here.

Be inspired! For more www.foodpairing.com


I got a request from Mark Gaffney (@Umami5) what he could combine with Honeysuckle syrup.
I knew honeysuckle but didn’t knew it was also used as an ingredient.

After analyzing, this is what you e.g. get as a Foodpairing tree 

Next time you’re making a Martini dry, you could add Honeysuckle syrup. Or add floral notes to a glass of champagne. Or add it to a salad with tomato and basil.
We also added the dynamic tree of Honeysuckle in dynamic Foodpairing trees Look in the section of herbs and spices.


German health officials said that cucumbers imported from Spain was one source of a recent deadly E. coli outbreak in northern states that killed several people and made hundreds sick. 
They came back on that, but maybe you are still afraid (you shouldn’t, but in case you are). What could replace cucumber in your dishes or cocktails?

Well, one of the typical flavors of cucumber is (E,Z)-2,6-nonadienal. A molecule which you make when you are cutting cucumber (as by cutting you mix enzymes and fatty acids of the cucumber. The enzymes will cut the fatty acid into 2 parts, one of them being the cucumber flavor).
Where else can you find this molecules if you want to make a Pimm’s cocktail?

You can find the cucumber flavor also in:
- borage flowers
- mango
- watermelon
- Hendrick’s gin…
So mango in your Pimm’s cocktail? Or go directly for the Hendrick’s :)


Heston Blumenthal about strawberry combinations (edition  of “In search of perfection: Trifle” of a few years ago) Thaught about this one seeing a trailer on Belgian television.

Of course all easy to explain by using Foodpairing (what did you expect :)): strawberry-black pepper; strawberry-olive oil; strawberry-black olive; strawberry-sherry;…. In the same Foodpairing tree, you see the combination of lobster, pea, strawberry (a combination made by Sang-Hoon Degeimbre of L’air du temps)
More combinations and recipes with strawberries: www.foodpairing.com/en/free-trial/ (if you want to have it in Dutch or French you can select, the language in the right upper corner)