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What to mix with watermelon?

Based on the flavor profile of watermelon, following combinations can be made; Port, gin, tomato, hazelnut, walnuts, mackerel, milk chocolate,…We arranged several of them in the Foodpairing tree (if you want to embed it in your own site, select embed by clicking on the tree). The closer to the center the better the match; bacon, green tea, cucumber,…are some of the best combinations


recipe tomato watermelon salad from foodnetwork

recipe watermelon green tea 

recipe bagel watermelon walnut cream cheese

Gazpacho Foodpairing variations

Gazpacho is an ideal dish to apply Foodpairing on. It is very easy to add little twists to this classic combination.
Starting from the Foodpairing tree from tomato, you see the classical ingredients for gazpacho like tomato, bell pepper, cucumber, olive oil,… but you can also see some new variations like the watermelon. Click on the image and the (+) to see more combinations(treehugger) , blue crab (Food&wine), raspberry (example recipe), coffee, lemon grass,…

source picture: treehugger