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Foodpairing: matching dishes to beverages

Foodpairing® is a vast source of inspiration, any user will agree. One can use Foodpairing® to design new dishes or cocktails, even so, it also contains clues for matching beverages to dishes (and vise versa).

Foodpairing may help you in the quest to the perfect beverage match. Foodpairing only takes aroma into account (don’t forget this!). But as aroma is already 80% of the taste experience, it is the most important one. Of course taste and texture will play as well a significant role in any combination. So don’t forget to experiment and above all to taste…

A traditional approach to food and beverage pairing would be to start from the dish and then search for a fitting beverage. Although tried and proven, we -at the Foodpairing Kitchens- often do the exact opposite; starting from a beverage and designing a fitting dish around it. This approach offers the flexibility of fine tuning the dish perfectly to the beverage, more then often resulting in true synergistic food and beverage pairings.

Here you can find some nice examples (register for free to access the recipes);

Belevedere Unfiltered with grapefruit à la Turque: the spiciness and sweetness of the dishes goes very well with the wodka and softness the alcohol

Belvedere Unfiltered - Grapefruit

- Le Chimay doré – mango – cinnamon:the Chimay Gold is characterized by fruitiness and spiciness (mainly cilantro) and therefore it fits perfectly with the Chimay Doré cheese. The tangy, spicy, sweet and sour mango chutney also fits very well with the Chimay Gold

Kasteel Rouge with almond, peach and raspberry: the sweet, fruity flavour matches very well with this dessert. The sourness of the raspberry takes care of the balance of the dish with the food. The almond and the peach links the dish with the beer (Kasteel Rouge is made with cherries and contains like peach and almond the flavour component benzaldehyde)

Kasteel Rouge - almond - peach - raspberry - basil

St Louis Premium Kriek with lobster, sweet potato and passion fruit: the sweetness and fruitiness makes a perfect match with the sweetness of the lobster and the fruitiness of the sweet potato and the passion fruit. The sourness of the beer, together with the acidity of the passion fruit gives the whole a pleasant freshness

St Louis Premium Kriek - lobster - sweet potato - passion fruit

Beluga Gold Line Vodka

We are proud to announce that we added a new exclusive vodka to our database: Beluga Gold Line Vodka. This vodka is produced in Siberia and matured for 90 days before bottling. This renders a broad aromatic profile with a soft sweetness. Let’s take a look at Beluga Gold Line’s Foodpairing potential.

The flavor profile of Beluga Gold Line Vodka is dominated by the fruity theme, pineapple and apple make excellent matches. Furthermore, this Vodka has outspoken spicy (clove-like) and green (cucumber, peppers, pea) flavor directions; and is further supplemented with caramellic notes (maple syrup). The flavor profile is rather complex for a vodka, providing a lot of Foodpairing opportunities.

We designed a complete menu complementing the Beluga Gold Line Vodka, from starter to dessert. The Vodka can be served throughout the meal.

The appetizer combines fruity and floral themes in a refreshing dish. While the dessert is exclusively focused on the fruity components of vodka. The vodka is paired with pineapple and ginger.

The main coursed combines grilled cucumber, fried beef and cabbage. This dish brings out the green and caramellic notes of the vodka.

Recipes you can find here.


Belvedere has a new vodka out; Bloody Mary a blend of their premium vodka with macerations of 7 essentials ingredients of the Bloody Mary; black pepper-horseradish-bell pepper-tomato-chili-vinegar-lemon.
For The London Cocktail week, we developed 2 types of barfood to complement the drink. One of the combinations was Bayonne ham-apple-celery-honey-yoghurt-licorice based on the Foodpairing tree of Belvedere Bloody Mary;

Recipe and the other barfood you can find here.


This was a quote we got from Hayden Lambert on Foodpairing :

Bernard, I love the site and I know the boys here at the merchant hotel use it often in conjunction with the flavour bible. It allows me to combine flavours that as a bartender I had no idea would work well together!
Here is a drink I created and helped me win the 42below cocktail world cup london final!”
Catch 42 #2
50mls 42Below pure vodka
30mls Clear Tomato juice (plum tomato’s)
17.5mls Clear Passion fruit puree
15mls clear lime juice
10mls Monin sugar syrup
1small pinch of salt
Cherry tomato garnish
Vodka links to passion fruit and tomato to passion fruit. For Bloody Mary the spices make the link. Go to Foodpairing trees to see the dynamic Foodpairing tree of Grey Goose Vodka.