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Light cream of polder potato with coffee, vanilla and Oud Brugge cheese

When we organized the first Flemish Primitives in 2009, we challenged several Belgian and foreign chefs to show how they apply Foodpairing. One of the results was this potato-coffee-vanilla-cheese combo by Hertog Jan. In the meantime it became a classic at this Belgian 3 Michelin star top restaurant. Tonight Gert De Mangeleer will demonstrate his classic dish at VTM news and explain how he uses Foodpairing.


  • Polder potatoes
  • 250 g cream 35%
  • 200 g shellfish stock
  • 70 g fine olive oil
  • 0,5 l grape seed oil
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • Ground coffee
  • Oud Brugge


For the cream:
Cook the potatoes in their skins in the oven at 250 degrees Celcius and remove the skins when they are cooked. Put 500 g of potatoes in the food processor with the cream, shellfish stock and olive oil, blend and sieve, adjust to taste. Place in an espuma bottle and use 3 gas cartridges, keep warm in a bain-marie at 65 degrees Celcius.

For the vanilla oil: Perfume the grape seed oil with the vanilla. Grate the cheese. Spray the potato cream into a bowl, sprinkle some freshly ground coffee on top ans flavour with 1 spoon of vanilla oil, and then finish with a spoon of grated “Old Brugge”.


Cucumber soup recipe variations

Summer days are coming, time for some refreshing cucumber soup. Find here some surprising combos to try out.

Based on the tree, you can make following cucumber soup recipe variations  like Hubert Keller with grapes, almond and vanilla

or walnut (like Michael Symon) or melon, white truffle,…

Click on the dynamic Foodpairing tree to see more combinations. Copy the embed to paste the Foodpairing tree into your own website.


Jocky of The Fat Duck asked we once if I knew where to find human breast milk. Next to making somebody pregnant, I also proposed to recreate the breast milk by a combination of other ingredients. We are not there yet, but as we have the analysis, we can already suggest what to combine with breast milk.

This Foodpairing tree of human breast milk shows some possible combinations;

One of the shops selling breast milk icecream is Icecreamists, located in Covent garden in London. They created a breastmilk, lemon zest, vanilla ice cream, called the Baby Gaga (what’s in a name). more info you can find in this article by the Daily mail. I have no clue if this is a nice icecream (and not only shocking), do you? And what else would you combine with breast milk? Make a mayonnaise with it and serve it with french fries?

The interchangeability of the breast milk could also be nice for a marshmallow Dominique Persoone once made for our The Flemish Primitives (left upper corner). The other ones are a Foodpairing with grass, a praline filled with water and the last making a Foodpairing link to the sea with oyster and salt.