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About a month ago we participated together with the people from Monastrell in a Foodpairing Cocktail & Foodpairing dinner.
Chef Maria José San Roman presented food combinations together with cocktails by bartender Gegam Kazarian.

One of the spectacular Foodpairing combinations was this dessert with strawberry and coconut linked with a avocado-tequila-lime juice-ginger-basil cocktail.
The tequila in the cocktail is a special one Excellia, Tequila aged in Cognac barrels. We didn’t analyze yet this particular tequila, but from the Foodpairing tree you can see tequila and strawberry do combine.


Today, it is National Margarita Day in US. Time to make a Foodpairing variation on the classic cocktail with tequila-triple sec-lime juice.
Below the dynamic Foodpairing tree of Tequila. What new combination can you come up with?
Click on the tree for the dynamic pop-up. Click on the different branches to unfold the category and find e.g. Cointreau into the category of the drinks.
The closer the better the match, so raspberry is a good idea. What about beer, tomato, basil…


Based on the Flavor and Foodpairing analysis of pomegranate juice, Peter Coucquyt prepared a dish;
Mackerel escabeche-walnut-brussels sprouts-pomegranate.

Looking to the Foodpairing tree of pomegranate juice, what could a bartender do with it?

 A bartender could come up with a Pomegranate juice-Cointreau-Tequila combination.When googling this combination, it appears to be one of the favorite pairing of Oprah (link to site for recipe)

(source picture)


Next to the Flemish Foodies there is now also the Belgian Barflies featuring Olivier Jacobs, Erik Veldhuis and Ben Wouters. Happy to see there is more and more activity in the cocktail scene in Belgium.

Here the Foodpairing tree of Apple linked to a general profile of Tequila (any tequila company interested to make a Foodpairing analysis on their product?) to make the link with the other ingredients;

Here the movie of the cocktail by Ben Wouters;

Piña pepiño – Ben Wouters (Belgian Barflies) from piet de kersgieter on Vimeo.