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Recently I was invited to visit Tony C. his new location of the Drink factory in London. In Bruges we have a nice lab, but that is certainly true for Tony his lab and his location has an extra add-on; it is in the same room where Pink Floyd recorded their legendary album ‘The Wall’.
With that amount of inspiration, no wonder the next generation of cocktails are born there.
In Tony’s team there is another fantastic bartender, Marcis Dzelzainis (a great guy by the way). In the next picture he is featured in the lab of the Drinkfactory.

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He was recently one of the 2 bartenders from UK reaching the finals of the Beefeater 24 G&Tea.
The recipe of his Tippy 24 cocktail with grapefruit, gin, tea (gin and tea infused on the Dave Arnold way), elderflower cordial, plum wine and lemon juice, you can find on the blog of the Drinkfactory.

As no gin company asked us yet to analyze their gin :(, I selected elderflower in the next interactive Foodpairing tree. In the tree you will find links to tea, gin, grapefruit as used in the cocktail. You can integrate the interactive Foodpairing tree by the embed code.


Kasia Vermaire, dilmah theesommelier contacted us as she won the title of ‘dutch female tea sommelier 2010′ We heard the same from Tony Conigliaro, where a UK bartender won the competition because by using he came up with fantastic, tasty, new combinations.

Kasia was so kind to send us here recipe;
Dim Sum Sushi steamed on Lapsang Souchong tea
served with Lapsang Wasabi dressing
By Kasia Vermaire, dilmah tea sommelier 2010

- Rice paper small
- Roasted bio Nori
- Wild light smoked salmon
- Capers
- Ginger pickles
- Black pepper
- Green Stevia powder
- Bio coconut butter
Steamed on top of:
- Dilmah Lapsang Souchong tea
- Dilmah Lapsang Souchong extract
- Pure Organic Wasabi powder
- Stevia tincture
- Bio cold pressed Hennep oil
- Organic Tamari

- Zeekraal cress
- Bio Hennep seeds
- Fresh lime parts

Pour water into a pan and add a bag of Lapsang Souchong tea. Boil and then reduce fire. Place the bamboo steam basket now on the pan and put also a bag of Lapsang Souchong tea in the steamer.
Note: It is important that the pan fits the steamer basket, leaving no gaps.

Soak the rice paper one by one in hot water until soft and malleable. Put it on a moist kitchen towel.
Then cut toasted Nori sheets in quarters, so ¼ exactly fit the rice leaf. Dab the Nori soft on the rice paper so it sticks and put in the middle of the Nori a piece of wild smoked salmon, 3 to 4 capers, a small piece of ginger pickles, and add a little black pepper and green Stevia powder.
Now roll the bottom of the rice leaf over the filling. Press all edges. Make a square packet by folding the edges inward. Brush with a little extra virgine coconut oil so that the dim sum is not sticking to the bamboo steam basket.

Make the 6 dim sum packets in this way. When the six are ready, they can be steamed. Place the lid of the bamboo steam basket and steam for 3-4 minutes. Remove them gently with a clamp or sushi chopsticks (the steam can be very hot) out of the basket and place them on a plate, not too close together to prevent sticking. Carefully puncture in a long bamboo stick or small skewer through the dim sum to make them easier to eat.

The dressing:
Make the essence of Lapsang Souchong tea by adding a little bit of boiled water into a small glass together with the tea bag. The color should be very dark and the aroma intense. Add and mix Wasabi powder and stir well so that the whole is mixed well or shake in a special mixing bottle. Add a splash of Tamari and a few drops (2-3) Stevia tincture (Note: very sweet, 300-400x sweeter than sugar!). Then you mix a little bit of cold-pressed hemp oil and mix until a nice emulsion.
Garnish it with the Dim Sum Sushi with fresh cress, Hemp seed and a quarter of fresh lime.