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Strawberry and cheese Foodpairing combinations

Strawberry combined with dairy such as milk (milk shake); cream (whipped cream) and cream cheese are combinations that we all know and love. Looking at the Foodpairing combinations, we see that indeed many of these ingredients can be matched to strawberry. In the dairy category, we also see cheese like Parmesan with a big green dot (the bigger the green dot, the better the match).

strawberry cheese


The spicy, salty character of the cheese is very tasty with the sweet and sour taste of the strawberry. 

Check out the Foodpairing® combinations with strawberry and these recipes with strawberry (register for free – only email and password – and get access to these recipes);

- How to match Chimay doré cheese, beer and strawberry

- Chavroux – strawberry – basil

Chavroux - strawberry - basil

- a beer cocktail with gueuze, tequila, strawberry and its matching cheese

Dessert with hay and other Foodpairing combinations

Based on the Foodpairing tree of hay, we find combinations with strawberry and cucumber. What about a (pre)dessert?


  • hay
  • 525 g milk
  • 150 g cream
  • 125 g sugar
  • 40 g milk powder
  • 6 strawberries
  • 1/4 cucumber
  • strawberry jam
  • tarragon

Bring the milk to the boil and add some hay. Cover and let infuse for 30′. Sieve, add the sugar and the milk powder. Bring to the boil. Cool, add the cream and turn into ice cream.

Cut the strawberries in pieces

Cut long slices of the cucumber (without the seeds). Cut thick slices of the ovary of the cucumber. Cut into circles

  Armstrong Blink-182 Coldplay

London Olympics cocktail party in the colors of the Olympics

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London are ready to open.

What about a summer London Olympics cocktail party with 6 different cocktails, each with a different color and taste representing the 6 colors of the Olympic games?


6 colors of the Olympics?

The symbol of the Olympic Games is composed of five interlocking rings, colored blue, yellow, black, green, and red on a white field. So 5 rings + white background makes 6 colors.

The symbol of the rings was originally designed in 1912 by Baron Pierre de Coubertin the founder of the modern Olympic Games. The 5 rings represent the 5 continents and stand for passion, faith, victory, work ethic, and sportsmanship.


First step; the Collins

As the Games take place in London, the spirit in the cocktails could only be… London dry Gin.

A classic Gin cocktail is the Tom Collins.


In a first step we defined which basic recipe we wanted to use for the Collins.

The following basic recipe worked the best for us;

5 parts of gin

3 parts of simple sugar syrup

2 parts of lemon juice

3 parts of sparkling water


We used a Tumbler glass of about 300 ml and we didn’t shake, but stirred the cocktail. We lost too much flavor if we shaked the cocktail.


Second step; making 6 variations


Foodpairing is an ideal tool to make variations, little twists on classic cocktails.

How do you start? As our cocktail is a Gin cocktail, you have to explore the Foodpairing tree of Gin.

This is for example a Foodpairing tree of Gin. All ingredients around gin, can be combined with gin. The closer to the middle the better the match. Gin combines perfectly with cardamom, grapefruit, basil,…but all the ingredients in the tree match. They are also ordered into categories like meat, herbs and spices…

Following Foodpairing variations were selected based on the Foodpairing tree of Gin;


Red: red bell pepper, strawberry, vanilla

Yellow: mango, ginger, passion fruit juice

Green: pea, basil, white beer

Blue: blue curaçao, grapefruit juice

White: peach, almond, cream

Black: coffee, passion fruit


Recipe Red Collins

Bell pepper-strawberry syrup;

100 g red bell pepper (peeled)

100 g sugar

200 g water

0,5 g vanilla pod

40 g strawberry



50 ml gin

30 ml bell pepper-strawberry syrup

20 ml lemon juice

30 ml sparkling water


Mix the bell pepper with sugar, water and the vanilla pod in a pan. Heat on a moderate fire (confit the bell pepper). Leave to cool down. Mix with the strawberries with a blender.


Add the gin,  the bell pepper-strawberry syrup and lemon juice to a mixing glass. Stir. Strain in a tumbler glass filled with ice. Finish with sparkling water. Add some grinded black pepper as a finishing touch.

The other recipes, you can find here


About a month ago we participated together with the people from Monastrell in a Foodpairing Cocktail & Foodpairing dinner.
Chef Maria José San Roman presented food combinations together with cocktails by bartender Gegam Kazarian.

One of the spectacular Foodpairing combinations was this dessert with strawberry and coconut linked with a avocado-tequila-lime juice-ginger-basil cocktail.
The tequila in the cocktail is a special one Excellia, Tequila aged in Cognac barrels. We didn’t analyze yet this particular tequila, but from the Foodpairing tree you can see tequila and strawberry do combine.


Over the last year we started to go deeper into different varieties and terroirs. Strawberries is one of the crops (like apples, citrus fruit, raspberries,…) we started to work on more into detail. We now have strawberries from California to Japan and about 15 different varieties.

Varieties like Gariguette, Mara des bois, Darselect,… I’m growing in my garden.

As an example we added a selection of possible combinations with Gariguette from France.
Make combinations like this strawberry-bell pepper-basmati rice icecream. In April all varieties will be added to the PRO membership.


Thanks to people like pastry chef Darren Purchese, we get more and more visitors from Australia on our website. So, for the dessert we selected a dessert from one of the best restaurants from Australia (nr 26 in the top 50 best restaurants); Quay They have a famous dessert; Guava and custard apple snow egg. A nice Foodpairing combination around guava-custard apple-strawberry. Recipe you can find here at the site of Masterchef.

(source picture)

And Foodpairing tree of Custard apple (but apparently we lack some data as we cannot find a link to dairy products). Anyway be inspired to make new variations;


In Top Chef just desserts we saw some challenges passing by where Foodpairing would be an incredible help to support the participants. Last year I met Johnny Iuzzini (one of the judges) during my presentation at Starchefs (his Desserts Fourplay is a must have) and I was pleased he got interested by our Foodpairing.
As an example we took a parsnip-banana-hazelnut dessert from episode 6 of Top Chef.

Here are some of the possible pairings with hazelnut (clustered in categories, the closer to the center the better the match);

Or this coffee, strawberry, rum, pea combination. It should work, but this combination is quite challenging to find the right balance in taste. If you use young, fresh sweet peas it should work.

 Here the visualisation of this pairing;

There was even a chocolate pairing with French fries, reminds me of the first edition of our  The Flemish Primitives in 1999 where we gave people French Fries with mayonnaise (based on chocolate), next to all sorts of challenging items like glowing lollypops (picture by Khymos) or at the last edition ants by Alex Atala tasting like ginger, lemongrass (which was later also presented at Madfoodcamp)


Heston Blumenthal about strawberry combinations (edition  of “In search of perfection: Trifle” of a few years ago) Thaught about this one seeing a trailer on Belgian television.

Of course all easy to explain by using Foodpairing (what did you expect :)): strawberry-black pepper; strawberry-olive oil; strawberry-black olive; strawberry-sherry;…. In the same Foodpairing tree, you see the combination of lobster, pea, strawberry (a combination made by Sang-Hoon Degeimbre of L’air du temps)
More combinations and recipes with strawberries: (if you want to have it in Dutch or French you can select, the language in the right upper corner)


Another example of L’air du temps, a Michelin star restaurant in Eghezée, Belgium based around the foodpairing of strawberry.

[ Ph : Jean Pierre Gabriel ]

Ingredients : Gazpacho of strawberries (for 4 persons)

– 500 g strawberries

– 175 g red bell pepper

– 100 g (red) onions

– 5 dl olive oil extra vierge

– 8 spoons balsamico vinegar

– 10 g salt

– white pepper


Clean all the vegetables for the gazpacho. Put them into the Thermomix (50°C, position 8, 5 minutes). Sieve and keep cool.

Serve together with fresh peas, sushi rice and lobster.

[ recipe : Sang Hoon Degeimbre extract from book L'air du temps editor: Françoise Blouard]

[+ restaurant]