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Sherry Foodpairing cocktail

In the best 101 cocktails by Gaz Regan this cocktail by Hannah Lanfear was featured.
Sherry and grapefruit make a lot of sense, as honey and many other combos.
Grapefruit Whistlestop
Hannah LanfearBoisdale Canary Wharf, London
A light, summery cocktail that’s very refreshing – it would make a good brunch drink.
Glass: Chilled coupette
Garnish: Grapefruit zest (discarded)
Method: Short, sharp shake, fine-strained into a chilled coupette.
40ml Aperol
20ml Tio Pepe
20ml freshly squeezed grapefruit juice
15ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
10ml honey syrup (3:1 honey to water)
(source picture: imbibe)



Recently Corey Lee of Benu restaurant got 2 Michelin stars (great!). While looking at his tasting menu we found several nice examples which can be easy explained by Foodpairing (he finds it by intuition, I guess. Foodpairing is not cancelling out intuition though. Topchefs are using our Foodpairing website mainly to have a confirmation of what they feel) .

 (source picture Corey Lee)

As Foodpairing started almost 20 years ago when François Benzi of Firmenich made the connection between jasmin and meat, let’s have a look at the jasmine-chicken-date fruit combination.

 The link to sherry and onion is by chicken (bridging).

(source picture and recipe)