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The Iranian movie ‘A Separation’ won last night the Oscar nomination for foreign movie.
To celebrate this victory (and being good losers – the Belgian nominee Bullhead didn’t win) we added the Foodpairing tree of Pistachio nuts (Iran being the largest exporter).

Click on the Foodpairing tree to see more combinations and find classic Iranian combinations like Jewelled Persian Rice (almond-pistachio-saffron-pomegranate-coriander-rice-sultana-olive oil) 

or Bastani ice-cream (pistachio-saffron-cream-rose water)


At Barchef in Toronto, Ai Fiori in New York,… you have cocktails with infusions of saffron. Saffron is not always added for its flavor only, but here you have an overview of possible combinations with saffron based on its flavor profile;

Here an example by Eben Freeman (Ai Fiori): Aperitivo

A movie how to make it;   
Foodspotting the Bar at Ai Fiori: “Aperitivo” Cocktail from Ai Fiori on Vimeo.
And the saffron sour of Barchef in Toronto;

Gin should also fit, but I’m missing still a lot of analysis on different types of gin. Any brand interested?