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Beer and oyster Foodpairing

To know which food pairs well with beer, we continuously analyze the flavors of beer like this Leffe Royale.
Leffe Royale is a top fermented Belgian Abbey Ale, intense and complex. From the first sip, the palate is tickled with notes of clove and vanilla. Secondly, the fresh aromas of banana hatch in the mouth. Finally, subtle notions of geranium and citrus arise,  resulting in a finely balanced, fresh and sweet finale. Based on the flavor profile following combinations can be made; coconut, rum, tomato, litchi, cucumber… (more combinations see Foodpairing tree)
We selected oyster, rose, lychee, coconut

Recipe: Oyster – coconut – lychee – rose

4 oysters

2 lychee

100 g coconut puree

1 ts lemon juice

1 g guar gum

rose leaves


Mix the coconut puree with lemon juice and guar gum. Store in refrigerator until use

Open the oysters. Loosen them. Clean the shell and, if necessary the oyster also.

Remove the peel and pit the lychee. Cut into 4

Spoon some coconut puree on the oyster shell. Put on the oyster. Garnish with pieces of lychee and a rose petal.

Serve with a Leffe Royale

More combinations with beer and other products, you can find here.


The Iranian movie ‘A Separation’ won last night the Oscar nomination for foreign movie.
To celebrate this victory (and being good losers – the Belgian nominee Bullhead didn’t win) we added the Foodpairing tree of Pistachio nuts (Iran being the largest exporter).

Click on the Foodpairing tree to see more combinations and find classic Iranian combinations like Jewelled Persian Rice (almond-pistachio-saffron-pomegranate-coriander-rice-sultana-olive oil) 

or Bastani ice-cream (pistachio-saffron-cream-rose water)


If you want to surprise your loved ones with flowers, not in a bouquet of roses, but roses into a dish, this Foodpairing tree of rose can inspire you;

known combinations with roses are like Espahan by Pierre Hermé:rose-litchi-raspberry.

From the Foodpairing tree you see there are no better combinations with rose. No wonder this is a seller.

Want to make a raspberry-rose madeleine, here you can find a recipe by evan’s kitchen