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Browsing through Thanksgiving turkey recipes the last few days, I got into a ‘poultry’ mood. That reminded me of an earlier post from 2007, the year we launched our Foodpairing tool, where Flavor scientist Jane Parker of Nothingham analyzed the flavor profile of pigeon on request of Midsummer house and Audi.

The movie you can see here.
Pyrazines tell a part of the story why pigeon combines with chocolate, but there is more to it.
Based on our analysis, these are some of the pairings we can propose
Based on the Foodpairing tree of pigeon, you can for example make a combination of Pigeon, quince, chocolate, jerusalem artichokes (by Peter Coucquyt);
Our you could translate it into a pigeon-cherry-chocolate combination, as proposed by new 3 Michelin star restaurant Hertog Jan.


As some of you maybe know, we also help farmers when they develop new products (we even help some farmers with totally new varieties of vegetables).
An example is the product we developed for Engelendael where we combined several ingredients of the farm. As the farmer has fields full of herbs and flowers which he uses for his bees, we combined the coriander, verbena and roses of the fields with the honey of the bees and 3 varieties of quinces.
The result you get is a Quince syrup with locally sourced ingredients;

And this is what you can combine with the syrup;