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Based on the Flavor and Foodpairing analysis of pomegranate juice, Peter Coucquyt prepared a dish;
Mackerel escabeche-walnut-brussels sprouts-pomegranate.

Looking to the Foodpairing tree of pomegranate juice, what could a bartender do with it?

 A bartender could come up with a Pomegranate juice-Cointreau-Tequila combination.When googling this combination, it appears to be one of the favorite pairing of Oprah (link to site for recipe)

(source picture)


Going through the flavor profile of rhubarb, I came across avocado as being one of the best combinations. As always we then start to look who already made this combination before. If you Google it, this website is one of the hits: Italian notes (+recipe)
This is what the website tells about this pairing: “Any talk of a marriage between rhubarb and avocado will arouse nose-wrinkling suspicion, but come to think of it, the combination is not that far-fetched. Avocado goes well with lemon, grapefruits and oranges, rhubarbs can be very sweet and very sour, and anything that strikes a good bittersweet fat-and-salty balance seems attractive in theory. In this case reality goes to match. The actual salad is surprisingly refreshing and a great accompaniment to red meat, strong cheese and hot and spicy salumi.

Rhubarb as combines with chocolate in desserts or in classical combinations with fish like Mackerel by Nigel Slater

or by Gordon Ramsay or in this combination of Hubert Keller: Sea Bass with Rhubarb coulis


Last December, I had to do an talk with Harold McGee on his new book keys to good cooking, and going through the results on different types of mango, it came up my mind again that Harold McGee described an Alphonso mango as one of his most preferred foods.
Well, what to combine with Mango?

 You can translate this tree into a Mango, mackerel, juniper, celery combination like Alinea restaurant (source picture)

Or give a little twist to a classic combination; Mango, lobster, salad + dark chocolate (by the Mangerie, Bruges) Which was the winning dish in a Chocolate Foodpairing competition here in Bruges.


To explain better how to use the tool, we will publish recipes send to us by chefs worldwide. To start with; a recipe of Kasteel Withof, a Michelin star restaurant in Belgium. If you go to foodpairing and chose rhubarb, you will find that you can combine it with fish (eg Mackerel), apple. So included a recipe with those 3 food products.

Ingredients: Mackerel/Rhubarb/Apple (for 4 persons)

– 4 mackerel 300 gr/piece

- Transglutaminase

– Chuca-vinaigrette: 210 ml soya 150 g sugar 240 ml chicken stock 40 ml sesame oil 25 ml wasabi 190 ml water 80 ml vinegar 65 ml rice vinegar 15 g roasted sesame seeds

– 1 aubergine

– 2 pieces rhubarb

– 4 spoons sugar syrup

– 6 raspberries

– 1 Granny Smith

– roquette

– olive oil pepper and salts


-Mackerel: Clean the filets. Season with pepper and salt.

Coat interior with transglutaminase. Reform the mackerel by putting back the filets on each other.

Shape them with foil into roles. Place in the fridge for minimum 6 hours.

Heat in oven at 55°C with core of 39°C.

Cut the roles in 3 equal parts.

- Aubergine: mix all ingredients for the vinaigrette.

Cut the aubergines in 4 parts and divide each part once again in 3.

Put salt on theses parts and let them stand 30 in the frigde.

Remove salt with water and dap them dry.

Season the pieces aubergines and colour in hot olive oil.

Add the vinaigrette and reduce on a moderate heat.

Keep them warm in the oven.

-Rhubarb: clean and cut rhubarb in equal pieces.

Divide into 2 sous vide bags and add the raspberries and the sugar syrup.

Seal and heat 40 mintes on 90°C.

Was the rocket lettuce

Cut the green apple in thin beams.

Put on each plate 3 pieces aubergine.

Add the mackerel and rhubarb, lettuce and apple.

[+ restaurant]