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LSD is an abbreviation of Licorice Sausage Date, a topping on a pizza by Gabriele Bonci of Pizzarium. As you can see Licorice-Sausage/ Salami-Date is a Foodpairing combination (what had you expected) What topping would you propose based on Foodpairing? Select tomato or capers or olives or salmon or Parmesan…and start to make new, mind-blowing pizzas.

source picture: food&wine

At Pizzarium they do also other Foodpairing combinations like Coppa sausage with orange or pizza with potato and vanilla…


If you take a holiday in Italy, maybe you should try this ‘classic’ italian combination: eggplant and chocolate

I do love this pairing as it is an nice example that surprising combinations have been there throughout the ages (what is surprising in one culture can be very obvious in another) and of course they also result from a Foodpairing(R) analysis. Italian monks found by accident this combination. Luckily we have the equipment and method to find new pairings much more efficient.

Find here more combinations with cooked eggplant in a dynamic visualization which we call ‘a Foodpairing tree’.
Each branch is a category, like meat, dairy,… Scroll over the categories to find which category it is.
Click on the categories to find more examples.
Click on the ingredients to have some explanation about the product.
The closer to the middle the better the match. So litchi, oyster, potato, chicken,… all good ideas. We didn’t taste anything. It all results from scientific analysis.
This is a more advanced visualization of what we launched almost 5 years and almost 1000 flavor analysis ago. Enjoy!

A recipe of the eggplant – chocolate pairing you can find e.g. here

By looking into the tree you can also find apirings like one of my favorite with eggplant by Josean Martinez Alija of the Guggenheim restaurant in Bilbao: eggplant – licorice – olive oil. Recipe you can find here.

Be inspired! For more


For Bar 10-The drink factory we made together with Dave Broom a start of a flavour wheel for whiskey where origin was linked to molecules to foodpairing combinations.
During the lecture at Bar 10, each molecule was explained during a talk integrating Longmorn just after distillation, to 12 years old, to 16 years old. Cocktails made Longmorn 16 years, peach, almond and Chivas 12 years licorice lemon.

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