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Ben Roche of Moto (on the left) is one of the chefs who added a wonderfull testimonial to our Foodpairing website.

He was also one of the chefs we invited for the first Foodpairing event (The Flemish Primitives edition 2009) presenting his ‘chicago hotdog’, next to Heston Blumenthal, Albert Adria,…
This was his gift to us; his interpretation of the hot dog visualised in a tree;

While I was looking into the Foodpairing tree of cranberry, it remind me of the Chili dog by Ben.

Where the sausage is a cranberry sorbet (+ buttercake, brown sugar relish, pear)

To get more fantastic ideas for chefs and bartenders with cranberry, I added the dynamic Foodpairing tree.
To have this Visualisation on your own website?? =>=> we added the code in our facebook page.


So a Cointreaupolitan makes sense, as a sandwich chicken, cranberry sauce, Wisconsin muenster cheese.
What are your combinations inspired by Foodpairing?


Heston Blumenthal about strawberry combinations (edition  of “In search of perfection: Trifle” of a few years ago) Thaught about this one seeing a trailer on Belgian television.

Of course all easy to explain by using Foodpairing (what did you expect :)): strawberry-black pepper; strawberry-olive oil; strawberry-black olive; strawberry-sherry;…. In the same Foodpairing tree, you see the combination of lobster, pea, strawberry (a combination made by Sang-Hoon Degeimbre of L’air du temps)
More combinations and recipes with strawberries: (if you want to have it in Dutch or French you can select, the language in the right upper corner)


Already a short impression of a very succesful day where we combined chefs form Belgium, France, The Netherlands, with guests like Peter Barham, Andrew Dornburg and Karen Page, Bart De Pooter, Heston Blumenthal, Albert Adria, Universities: KULeuven, Ugent, Food companies: Jules Destrooper, AB Inbev, Belgomilk, Unilever, Gourmandine, Alpro, Verstegen, Rougié, SDVO, Kraft, Belcolade to inspire and demonstrate how foodpairing can be used to obtain tasty, unexpected combinations