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With the cold days coming in, cheese fondue is a back on the menu…

Making cheese fondue, looks simple, but it doesn’t always work out… Unless you know why you add particular ingredients and what the science is behind.  Knowing why you need to add acidic components like white wine and lemon juice, the importancy of temperature, adding a starch source will help you in making better fondue (If you aren’t familiar with the science behind cheese fondue, please consult Harold McGee his Keys to Good Cooking.)

For the flavor part of the cheese fondue, cheese like Gruyère and white wine are an essential part. But to improve the flavor connection between the Gruyère and the wine, you should add…honey. Here some other combinations you could make with the cheese fondue (from classics to maybe more surprising – no Kirsch as we didn’t analysed it yet)

If you start adding extra ingredients based on Foodpairing, please don’t forget the other scientific rules.