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Cucumber soup recipe variations

Summer days are coming, time for some refreshing cucumber soup. Find here some surprising combos to try out.

Based on the tree, you can make following cucumber soup recipe variations  like Hubert Keller with grapes, almond and vanilla

or walnut (like Michael Symon) or melon, white truffle,…

Click on the dynamic Foodpairing tree to see more combinations. Copy the embed to paste the Foodpairing tree into your own website.


Ivan Welker pointed us at the fact that the combination of Tarragon and Grapes was one of the combinations which surprised Jamie Oliver.
This is what Jamie Oliver told about this combination in an interview;”This salad is one of the best things that’s happened to me… Really tasty, really clean and fresh… The recipe uses tarragon instead of any other salad leaf. This is quite shocking for me, as I’ve always been scared of tarragon! It’s a potent herb, but used aggressively and strongly like it is here it really works well. With
the sweetness of the grapes and the saltiness of the goat’s cheese, it’s fantastic.” (source)

Let’s check the combinations with Tarragon (click on the tree, it is interactive! The closer to the center the better. Ingredients clustered in categories);

(source picture)
Recipe of Jamie Oliver:
2 banana shallots, or 6 normal-sized ones, peeled and very finely
a good vinegar (champagne, white wine or sherry vinegar)
4 large handfuls of fresh tarragon, leaves picked
1 small bunch of seedless red grapes, halved
1 small bunch of seedless green grapes, halved
6 tablespoons extra virgin
olive oil
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
200g/7oz good goat’s cheese or hard salted ricotta

So why not make an alternative version with raspberry or peach? Or go for sweet with plums, cherries… Or for cocktails with ume liquor. Be inspired.