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Foodpairing: matching dishes to beverages

Foodpairing® is a vast source of inspiration, any user will agree. One can use Foodpairing® to design new dishes or cocktails, even so, it also contains clues for matching beverages to dishes (and vise versa).

Foodpairing may help you in the quest to the perfect beverage match. Foodpairing only takes aroma into account (don’t forget this!). But as aroma is already 80% of the taste experience, it is the most important one. Of course taste and texture will play as well a significant role in any combination. So don’t forget to experiment and above all to taste…

A traditional approach to food and beverage pairing would be to start from the dish and then search for a fitting beverage. Although tried and proven, we -at the Foodpairing Kitchens- often do the exact opposite; starting from a beverage and designing a fitting dish around it. This approach offers the flexibility of fine tuning the dish perfectly to the beverage, more then often resulting in true synergistic food and beverage pairings.

Here you can find some nice examples (register for free to access the recipes);

Belevedere Unfiltered with grapefruit à la Turque: the spiciness and sweetness of the dishes goes very well with the wodka and softness the alcohol

Belvedere Unfiltered - Grapefruit

- Le Chimay doré – mango – cinnamon:the Chimay Gold is characterized by fruitiness and spiciness (mainly cilantro) and therefore it fits perfectly with the Chimay Doré cheese. The tangy, spicy, sweet and sour mango chutney also fits very well with the Chimay Gold

Kasteel Rouge with almond, peach and raspberry: the sweet, fruity flavour matches very well with this dessert. The sourness of the raspberry takes care of the balance of the dish with the food. The almond and the peach links the dish with the beer (Kasteel Rouge is made with cherries and contains like peach and almond the flavour component benzaldehyde)

Kasteel Rouge - almond - peach - raspberry - basil

St Louis Premium Kriek with lobster, sweet potato and passion fruit: the sweetness and fruitiness makes a perfect match with the sweetness of the lobster and the fruitiness of the sweet potato and the passion fruit. The sourness of the beer, together with the acidity of the passion fruit gives the whole a pleasant freshness

St Louis Premium Kriek - lobster - sweet potato - passion fruit

Salad Olivier remix

Just before the holidays we had some Ukrainian journalists who requested to make a Salad Olivier, a traditional Russian New year’s dish. It goes without saying we made some changes to the recipe with the aid of Foodpairing. Here you can find our recipes.

The Salad Olivier was created in 1860 by the Belgian Lucien Olivier, Chef of the Hermitage, one of the most famous restaurants of Moscow at that time. The original recipe contained veal tongue, smoked duck, caviar, lettuce, crayfish, capers and grouse. A sauce was added based on olive oil, white wine vinegar and mustard. Over the years the recipe got altered, more expensive ingredients were replaced. The recipe evolved into a salad dish that is better known now as œuf à la russe, a salad of carrot, pea, cucumber, dill and mayonnaise, served with a hard boiled egg and optionally some ham.

When looked at the Foodpairing tree of boiled potato, you’ll easily find all the ingredients that are used for the modern Salad Olivier. We used the same base recipe to create some Foodpairing twists and remixes.

A first variation we’ve created is the base recipe with some fruit twists added to it. Use the list view and category filters to find fitting fruits. We’ve chosen grapefruit.

The next variations are remixes, replacing some of the base ingredients.

We started with potato, carrot, dill and mayonnaise. Crayfish was chosen next, hinting to the original recipe of 1860. We blended some yoghurt in the mayonnaise to freshen up the dish and finished with some unexpected ground coffee, sprinkled over the dish.

For a last variation we decided to incorporate some traditional Belgian ingredients: brown shrimp and chocolate. We kept it simple by limiting the vegetables to potatoes and peas, which are mixed with a dash olive oil and chopped dill. The white chocolate is melted with an equal amount of yoghurt to create a kind of mayonnaise.


Sherry Foodpairing cocktail

In the best 101 cocktails by Gaz Regan this cocktail by Hannah Lanfear was featured.
Sherry and grapefruit make a lot of sense, as honey and many other combos.
Grapefruit Whistlestop
Hannah LanfearBoisdale Canary Wharf, London
A light, summery cocktail that’s very refreshing – it would make a good brunch drink.
Glass: Chilled coupette
Garnish: Grapefruit zest (discarded)
Method: Short, sharp shake, fine-strained into a chilled coupette.
40ml Aperol
20ml Tio Pepe
20ml freshly squeezed grapefruit juice
15ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
10ml honey syrup (3:1 honey to water)
(source picture: imbibe)



Recently I was invited to visit Tony C. his new location of the Drink factory in London. In Bruges we have a nice lab, but that is certainly true for Tony his lab and his location has an extra add-on; it is in the same room where Pink Floyd recorded their legendary album ‘The Wall’.
With that amount of inspiration, no wonder the next generation of cocktails are born there.
In Tony’s team there is another fantastic bartender, Marcis Dzelzainis (a great guy by the way). In the next picture he is featured in the lab of the Drinkfactory.

 (source picture)

He was recently one of the 2 bartenders from UK reaching the finals of the Beefeater 24 G&Tea.
The recipe of his Tippy 24 cocktail with grapefruit, gin, tea (gin and tea infused on the Dave Arnold way), elderflower cordial, plum wine and lemon juice, you can find on the blog of the Drinkfactory.

As no gin company asked us yet to analyze their gin :(, I selected elderflower in the next interactive Foodpairing tree. In the tree you will find links to tea, gin, grapefruit as used in the cocktail. You can integrate the interactive Foodpairing tree by the embed code.