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Foodpairing draait door – Foodpairing and the oldest printed recipe

Robert Kranenborg, a famous former 2 Michelin star chef, asked to analyze the oldest printed recipe (dated 1593), called ‘Keulschen huspot’ .


The recipe was found in one of the oldest printed cooking book (actually it was more like a medical encyclopedia) written by Carolus Battus.


In the Dutch program ‘De Wereld Draait Door’ Kranenborg will give a complete image of the cow by using movies, cow meat, anatomic models and living cows. From whey till the meat on your plate. He will share butcher’s secrets and farmers craftsmanship. Talk about the overrated tenderloin and the underrated stew.  And of course about Foodpairing…

Tonight you can follow the program 8:30 pm at the Dutch television NED3.


We analyzed the ‘Keulschen huspot’ (type of stew with lots of herbs and spices) based on the following recipe;


500 g beef, cut into cubes of 3 x 3 cm, ± 40 g per piece of meat

100 g onion

40 g butter

8 g flour

9 g dill

70 g ginger, cut into chunks

0.1 g of nutmeg powder

1.1 g of crushed white pepper

5 dl veal fonds


Cut the onion into brunoise.  Heat the butter in a pot and add the onion. Fry the onions and remove from the pot when the onion are glazed.

Season the meat with salt and pepper. Put some extra butter in the pot and add the meat cubes. When the meat cubes are colored, add again the fried onion, some flour and stir.

Add the veal fonds and the dill, the ginger, the crushed peppercorns and the nutmeg powder. Maybe you will be surprised by the quantity of the spices, but you need this amount.

Put the lid on the pot and bring to the boil. Cook in a preheated oven at 150°C.

The combinations with this dish? You can find here in the Foodpairing tree.



Les vergers Boiron recipes

Les Vergers Boiron introduced 4 new products at Sirha the end of January. These products were analyzed and added to the Foodpairing® database. Here is an overview of their flavor and Foodpairing potential.

The Fruit and Vegetable products of Les Vergers Boiron are very well known in Europe. Here are the products we added to our database (click on them to view the Foodpairing tree)

The yellow pepper contains a lot of fruity, citrus, floral and green cucumber-like aromas, making strong matches with other vegetables like tomato, cucumber, aubergine etc. Surprisingly, the yellow pepper matches fruits even better, combinations of yellow pepper with pear, strawberry or orange will surely inspire. Caramellic themes are more hidden, allowing combinations of the yellow pepper with coffee, chocolate and fried meat. This is one of the directions we chose to design our yellow pepper recipe towards, another theme we decided to highlight is its fruitiness. We made the yellow pepper puree into a mayonnaise sauce and prepared the beef with hay, making this dish quite extraordinary flavourwise. Though you wouldn’t say when looking at the picture…

The bergamot puree is characterized by green, floral and citrus aromas, making strong matches to fish and seafood. This puree contains the subtle typical flavours of earl grey tea and is quite suitable for freshening up dishes in a more exotic way than lemon juice.
We designed a classic fish dish with a bergamot twist. The bergamot brightens the flavours of the other ingredients while making its typical flavour contribution, steering this dish into a more challenging zone.

Because of the addition of pineapple and lemon juice to the ginger puree and lemongrass both products become increasingly complex, besides having ample sweet and savory combinations these products fit perfectly into a cocktail. So here are some cocktail recipes (more food recipes can be found on the product pages of the ginger puree and lemongrass)

We selected pear and cinnamon for our ginger cocktail, each highlighting another flavour theme of ginger and by itself a very classic combination. The resulting cocktail is highly suited as an after dinner drink.

We decided to highlight the spicy flavours of the lemongrass puree, so we selected green tea and bergamot in its Foodpairing tree. Finishing the cocktail with matching Sichuan pepper makes this oriental cocktail complete. Make sure to check out the strong taste contrasts between foam and cocktail!

We are also proud to announce we will analyze more products of Les Vergers Boiron, so stay tuned.

For more information about Les Vergers Boiron products visit:


Tomorrow morning Sinterklaas will hopefully bring sweets, toys and mandarin oranges.

That means eating chocolate, pepernoten, mandarins for a few weeks…But what about giving a Foodpairing twist to these products.

With the mandarin you can make a dessert like this combination by Peter Coucquyt; ginger-mandarin-jasmin-chestnut;

Or this course by chef Shields of Town House; Cured duck, bay scallops, kaffir lime, finger lime, mandarin, wild ginger, chestnut and onion

 Find these and other combinations with mandarin oranges in this Foodpairing interactive tree;


Bartenders request us more and more to add specific brands of drinks on As flavor profiles between e.g. different gins change a lot, it is quite important to make a Foodpairing cocktail with the correct drink.
We are happy to see that distillers who care about the flavor of their drinks and really want to support bartenders request more and more Foodpairing analysis.
The newest addition to the database are Cointreau and Rémy Martin cognac.

As the Foodpairing website is also available in French, for the variation I added here a French version of the Cointreau Foodpairing tree explaining one of the pairings they made on their website; the Dita van Teesen cocktail: Cointreau + orange-ginger-violet-chocolate-cake (cocktail and barfood in 1).