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Jules Destrooper savory biscuit combinations

Jules Destrooper started out as a colonial trader in spices and has now become one of the best biscuits producers in Belgium. We at Foodpairing® are very pleased to announce we analyzed and added the original Jules Destrooper biscuits to our database. We are talking about their two most famous products: the Butter Crisps and Almond Thins and the Cinnamon Biscuit enrobed with chocolate. Here is an overview of their flavor, Foodpairing potential and of course some recipes we’ve designed.

When thinking about combinations with cookies, one tends to unconsciously steer towards desserts, sweet snacks etc. Here are some great Foodpairing examples:

Almond Thins with mascarpone and blood orange

Cinnamon Biscuit with mango, cream cheese and poppy seeds

Butter Crisps with peanut butter and apricot

Agreed this is where the Jules Destrooper biscuits really shine, but we felt the need for a gastronomic adventure. That’s why we made some savory combinations with the products, of course with the aid of the Foodpairing Explorer. Here are some of our results:

We observe from the analysis that the Almond Thins are rich in benzaldehyde, as to be expected from a biscuit containing almonds ie. benzalhyde’s primary flavour. This flavor is also is also characterizing for cherries and amaretto, yet more savory products with this particular flavour may be found in the Foodpairing tree of the Almond Thin. Foie gras is such a product, containing high levels of benzaldehyde; furthermore, it matches surprisingly well with sweet ingredients. Putting foie gras on an Almond Thin lead us to our first recipe.

The Almond Thin with clams is a more complex combination, linking flavors which are very subtly present in both products …

Since the Butter Crisps are produced with real butter, it’s understandable to find many matches in the Foodpairing tree that are based on the buttery theme, check out the cheeses. We opted for a cheddar – Butter Crips combo to which we added tomato and fried bacon, the result seems to be inspired by the well-known English Breakfast. We added some chili sauce for extra zing.

Another interesting match is chicken, also linked to the Butter Crisps in the buttery theme. Here is the recipe

You do not need to be a gastrophile to understand the power of the apple – cinnamon – chocolate combo. We replaced the cinnamon by its Jules Destrooper counterpart. Though a prodigious combo on its own, we completed this symphony with the aid of Foodpairing by adding Gruyere. Here is the recipe

As explained in our article about Furaneol, chocolate and beef pair great. By marinating the beef in soy sauce we even empower the match and take care of the correct taste balance. A next bite is completed with porcini mushrooms that matches both chocolate and beef. These mushrooms are really great in desserts!



Approaching the end of the year, you can find here Foodpairing inspiration for some typical Christmas ingredients. Today Foie gras.
Combinations like almonds, grapefruit, chocolate, cherry,… you will also find into the Foodpairing tree. Copy the tree into your own site by clicking on ‘embed’

Combinations like the sautéed foie gras, lobster, hazelnuts, sunchoke purée, and a coffee-chocolate emulsion of The French Laundry

(source picture)

Or this foie gras combination with grapefruit, campari, soy sauce of the Dining Room at Langham

(source picture)

Or this classic Foodpairing combination with foie; ‘benzaldehyde’ of The Fat Duck with foie, cherry, almond