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Elderflower cocktail inspiration

Time (May-June) of the year to pick elderflowers to make syrups, vinegars, aromatized wines…

Recipe elderflower syrup:

600 g sugar
600 g water
1 lemon
Elderflower (without the stems – flowers have to contain loads of pollen)

Make the sugar syrup by boiling the sugar with water. Add the lemon. Cool down.
Put a container full with the flowers.

Pour the sugar syrup until completely covered.

Some of the combinations you can make with Elderflower;

As Metaxa is very close to the center of the Elderflower (meaning it combines very well), a cocktail Elderflower syrup + Metaxa is making a lot of sense.

Our recipe for the Whistle tree;
10 ml Elderflower syrup
15 ml Metaxa
40 ml sparkling water

Garnish with elderflowers (fresh or confit)

We called it Whistle tree as the name of Elderflower (Sambucus) originates from the Greek word for whistle (wood was used to make whistles out of it).

The cocktail begins with the floral notes of the elderflower and the Metaxa and finishes with the nutty, sherry flavors of the Metaxa.



Recently I was invited to visit Tony C. his new location of the Drink factory in London. In Bruges we have a nice lab, but that is certainly true for Tony his lab and his location has an extra add-on; it is in the same room where Pink Floyd recorded their legendary album ‘The Wall’.
With that amount of inspiration, no wonder the next generation of cocktails are born there.
In Tony’s team there is another fantastic bartender, Marcis Dzelzainis (a great guy by the way). In the next picture he is featured in the lab of the Drinkfactory.

 (source picture)

He was recently one of the 2 bartenders from UK reaching the finals of the Beefeater 24 G&Tea.
The recipe of his Tippy 24 cocktail with grapefruit, gin, tea (gin and tea infused on the Dave Arnold way), elderflower cordial, plum wine and lemon juice, you can find on the blog of the Drinkfactory.

As no gin company asked us yet to analyze their gin :(, I selected elderflower in the next interactive Foodpairing tree. In the tree you will find links to tea, gin, grapefruit as used in the cocktail. You can integrate the interactive Foodpairing tree by the embed code.


Just noticed on twitter the comment of Jeroen Veldkamp at the Dutch Barista Competition where he confirms that Foodpairing is more and more used by Barista.
He even got 2 espresso where they added celery root. Well, celery root makes a Foodpairing with coffee if you look at the category of the vegetable.
Find here some more inspiration on Foodpairing and coffee.

When you apply the Foodpairing tree of coffee, you can obtain known combinations or surprising ones;