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As its name suggests, ‘Tram Experience’; aims to offer a gastronomic and touristic experience. In a tramway of the 60′s, which has been totally refurbished, guests enjoy several classic dishes of Belgian gastronomy, all modified for the occasion by tor 6 op chefs such as Lionel rigolet or Sang-Hoon Degeimbre.

There are 34 place settings on board: 7 tables set for 2 and 5 table set for 4. The decor reminds Electrolux’s Scandinavian origins with the white furniture, contemporary and refine design, wood floor and blue neon lights.

Combinations like this asparagus – camomile – crab – beurre noisette icecream can be experienced while moving through the streets of Brussels. (of course a Foodpairing combination)

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We found this nice combination with crab on Town House Blog which we certainly wanted to share with you. It is a combination of brown butter, chestnuts, lardo, lime, onion, seaweed and roasted crab oil.

Looking into the Foodpairing tree of Crab, you will see all ingredients link.