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Foodpairing variations of typical Brazilian food

With the World Cup just days away we have put together a list of Foodpairing variations of typical Brazilian food to celebrate all things football! Foodpairing is a great tool to add variations to classic recipes. The coming weeks, we will post some great recipe suggestions and drinks. To start with; TV snacking and Caipirinha cocktails


The drink par excellence of Brazil is cachaça, a sugar cane distillate that is very similar to white rum. The national cocktail of Brazil, which enjoys a high reputation, both at home and abroad, is ​​the caipirinha. Starting from cachaça, one can make a lot of flavor variation with Foodpairing. The variation: raspberry or passion fruit. Recipes you can find here (become Free member and have access to these and hundreds of other Foodpairing recipes)



Pão de queijo are Brazilian cheese rolls, which resembles the French Gougères or cheese puffs. The biggest difference is that the Brazilians use tapioca flour instead of wheat flour. Brazilians traditionally use palm oil as fat. This we have replaced with peanut oil. Find the recipe here.

The ‘Brazil nut‘ is mainly harvested along the banks of the Amazon. For the spice mix, we have used the most common spices used in Brazilian cuisine including chili, cilantro, turmeric. Any other hand-made or homemade spice mix can replace the mix. Foodpairing gives plenty of inspiration. Find the recipe here.

Brazil nut is also available in ‘create a new combo’ for all members, including FREE. Select Brazil nut and make your own mix (select e.g. herbs, fruit or spices)

brazil nuts


Ketel One cocktails

When looking at the aroma profile of the Ketel One Vodka, 3 major flavor themes can be observed:

  • Coconutty
  • Green-citrussy
  • Tropical

This knowledge sparked us to search for more exotic ingredients in the Foodpairing Explorer in order to create some new cocktails. Here is the Foodpairing tree of Ketel One Vodka, click to browse it in the Foodpairing Explorer.

We initially chose peach puree to match the tropical accents in the Vodka. Next we selected vanilla to make a syrup out of. Interestingly vanilla amplifies sweetness, so when making a vanilla syrup, one does not need to add as much sugar as you would do normally. Instead of using lemon or lime juice to counter balance with acidity, we used the more tropical tamarind. A lemon replacer quite popular in African cuisine.

Find the recipe here.


The Ketel One Citroen is laced with 6 different citrus fruits, which results in a very obvious yet complex citrusy theme. Instead of following the apparent citrusy direction when designing our next cocktail, we chose to focus on some rather concealed themes, like spicyness, greeny and flowery.For starters we selected avocado, playing the green match in full. This we acidified with lime and yoghurt. Lime might be a close relative to lemon, but it surprisingly has a lot of green notes to it, combining well with the avocado. We further polished the cocktail by adding milk.

Find the recipe here.

Make sure to check out our other recipes with these Ketel One Vodka and Ketel One Citroen in Foodpairing Recipes.



I got a request from Mark Gaffney (@Umami5) what he could combine with Honeysuckle syrup.
I knew honeysuckle but didn’t knew it was also used as an ingredient.

After analyzing, this is what you e.g. get as a Foodpairing tree 

Next time you’re making a Martini dry, you could add Honeysuckle syrup. Or add floral notes to a glass of champagne. Or add it to a salad with tomato and basil.
We also added the dynamic tree of Honeysuckle in dynamic Foodpairing trees Look in the section of herbs and spices.


German health officials said that cucumbers imported from Spain was one source of a recent deadly E. coli outbreak in northern states that killed several people and made hundreds sick. 
They came back on that, but maybe you are still afraid (you shouldn’t, but in case you are). What could replace cucumber in your dishes or cocktails?

Well, one of the typical flavors of cucumber is (E,Z)-2,6-nonadienal. A molecule which you make when you are cutting cucumber (as by cutting you mix enzymes and fatty acids of the cucumber. The enzymes will cut the fatty acid into 2 parts, one of them being the cucumber flavor).
Where else can you find this molecules if you want to make a Pimm’s cocktail?

You can find the cucumber flavor also in:
- borage flowers
- mango
- watermelon
- Hendrick’s gin…
So mango in your Pimm’s cocktail? Or go directly for the Hendrick’s :)


Got a cashew apple juice cocktail movie posted om my facebook;

(source picture)

And as we have the flavor analysis of cashew apple juice, which other combinations could you make? What would it give to make a sherry- banana – cashew apple juice cocktail? Any other suggestions based on the Foodpairing tree?

The dynamic tree you can find at Select in the right column of the tool cashew apple juice by scrolling into the category of the drinks.


While reading the website of Starchefs, I came across some Rum cocktails easy to explain by Foodpairing;
- Rum, apple, clove and lemon (Mixologist and Co-owner Johnny Santiago of Jo’s – New York, NY)

- Rum, bell pepper, limonade (Mixologist Eben Freeman of Tailor – New York, NY)

Looking to the Foodpairing tree of Havana Rum you see all these combinations popping up.

Also classical combinations with Havana Club 7 like the Golden Apple.


This was a quote we got from Hayden Lambert on Foodpairing :

Bernard, I love the site and I know the boys here at the merchant hotel use it often in conjunction with the flavour bible. It allows me to combine flavours that as a bartender I had no idea would work well together!
Here is a drink I created and helped me win the 42below cocktail world cup london final!”
Catch 42 #2
50mls 42Below pure vodka
30mls Clear Tomato juice (plum tomato’s)
17.5mls Clear Passion fruit puree
15mls clear lime juice
10mls Monin sugar syrup
1small pinch of salt
Cherry tomato garnish
Vodka links to passion fruit and tomato to passion fruit. For Bloody Mary the spices make the link. Go to Foodpairing trees to see the dynamic Foodpairing tree of Grey Goose Vodka.


Starchefs made a post on Cocktails pairings at Clyde Common in Portland.

The reflection we always have is to check if this combination can also be detected by To check which cocktails would fit baked foie gras, we unfolded the category of the drinks (by clicking on the (+) of the branch). These are some of the suggestions you get (only drinks selected)

And indeed gin, vermouth are mentioned as pairings, but it appears Black tea together with Shochu or Bourbon whiskey could also be an interesting combination.


For Bar 10-The drink factory we made together with Dave Broom a start of a flavour wheel for whiskey where origin was linked to molecules to foodpairing combinations.
During the lecture at Bar 10, each molecule was explained during a talk integrating Longmorn just after distillation, to 12 years old, to 16 years old. Cocktails made Longmorn 16 years, peach, almond and Chivas 12 years licorice lemon.

[+ Bar 10]