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A recipe I very much appreciated at El Bulli, was the potato, coffee, caper combination.


– 150 g potatoes

– 150 g water

– 20 g olive oil

– 120 g potato puree

– 2 g gluco (calcium gluconodeltalactate)

– Alginate bath:
500 g water
3 g alginato

– Instant coffee

– Capers


150 g potato with water and olive oil in thermomix at 90°C until a creamy mass is obtained. Lower the temperature to 50°C and add the potato puree and gluco.
Mix well.

Put in a siphon.

Inject the potato mixture into the alginate bath and cut into pieces with a scissor. Store in pure water.

Add the coffee, capers and egg (in roner at 63°C)

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