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Last year at The Flemish Primitives, Dominique Persoone made together with Alex Atala a combination of chocolate with Priprioca. Their presentation was aimed at combining typical ingredients from the Amazon with the chocolate expertise of Dominique.
Priprioca is a root from the Amazon with woody, earthy, patchouli notes

(source International journal for gastronomy and food science)
We analyzed the root and based on its flavor profile a selection of possible combinations is added;

Some of these combinations like the beetroot-mandarin-priprioca from chef Atala come clearly out of the Foodpairing tree;

(picture by DOM)
you can find this combo in the latest edition (and first one) of the international journal of gastronomy and food science together with other pairings like lemon, banana.

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Together with Roger Vandamme of the restaurant Het gebaar in Antwerp,we did a foodpairing session in the kitchens of Obumex (a belgian top quality kitchen producer).
3 foodpairings we are going to show; one around the combination of tomato and mozzarella. One around beetroot, shizo, chorizo and oyster leave. And the last one around potato with truffle. The recipes are a combination of foodpairing with some molecular gastronomy techniques like spherification, use of the siphon,…
This is one of the 3 movies we started to make with belgian chefs around foodpairing. So more will follow. This one is in Dutch.