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The Barbecue season is open again. Let’s see how Foodpairing can spice up your bruschettas, an excellent opener for any bbq menu.

A traditional bruschetta is easily made. Slice some baguette, grill it, add some tomato basil and the optional mozzarella and you’re done.

But what about when you’re searching for some new combos to put on the toast? Foodpairing offers tons of inspiration for these little appetizers. Just navigate to the Foodpairing Explorer and enter a starting ingredient. Next select matching ingredients and your done. You can start your foodpairing searches from pretty much anything that comes to mind. To keep it simple we selected the bread base as a starting point.

We ended up with following combo:

Cook the peas and blend them to obtain a smooth pea puree. Perfectionists can pass the puree through a sieve for extra smoothness. Put the puree on a toasted slice of baguette. Finish the bruschetta with dried ham, olive oil and some mint sprigs for freshness.

Next recipe follows the same blue print, but with different ingredients (no need to change a winning game). Mix some pickled artichokes. Put the puree on a toast; garnish with a few pieces of pickled artichokes and a few dots of goat cheese (eg Chavroux).

If carefully dosed, a bruschetta can benefit from some sweetness. In the following recipe we mixed cream cheese with chopped spring onions and a little mango chutney. The whole was finished with some extra mango chutney and some lemon verbena.


Foodpairing is very frequent used by chefs using local ingredients/ vegetables, as Foodpairing is an ideal tool to make even something simple as a potato exciting.
Here you have an example by Hertog Jan (**) potato-cheese-coffee which is better than any caviar (link to recipe)

But you can also use it in experimenting in cocktails; like in the not everyday cocktails and presentations of Tom Zyankali from Zyankali bar in Berlin.

3-5 leafs fresh basil, carefully muddled
4cl zynkali Absinth
2cl Mandarine Napoleon
2cl fresh lime juice
1cl Vanilla sirup
shake on ice, strain and fill with soda

This cocktail is based on the Foodpairing analysis of the bar his own Zyankali absinth


In the Food&wine part of the Wallstreet Journal, an article was posted, named ‘Basil&Friends’. This was their underscore;
‘Pair it with everything from salmon to strawberries—this pretty herb brings out the best in every dish it meets’

Well let’s check it out;

Salmon, mozzarella, plum, mango, strawberry,… yep. If you don’t seen them directly, you can click on the (+) and the category will unfold.

For a complete overview, register on


This hot weather (at least a few days) and some experiments with basil made me remain of one of my favorite dessert with cherry; a sorbet of kriek gueuze with loads of basil. This is the FoodPairing tree of cherry (in this case sour cherry) with some possible pairings.

Comparing the outcome of this FoodPairing tree I came across a recipe on the cooking channel.
Sangria is not really my cup of tea. Probably because there is too much bad Sangria out there. But it makes sense to add peach, red wine, brandy,…to this Very cherry Sangria.


Together with Roger Vandamme of the restaurant Het gebaar in Antwerp,we did a foodpairing session in the kitchens of Obumex (a belgian top quality kitchen producer).
3 foodpairings we are going to show; one around the combination of tomato and mozzarella. One around beetroot, shizo, chorizo and oyster leave. And the last one around potato with truffle. The recipes are a combination of foodpairing with some molecular gastronomy techniques like spherification, use of the siphon,…
This is one of the 3 movies we started to make with belgian chefs around foodpairing. So more will follow. This one is in Dutch.