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Ketel One cocktails

When looking at the aroma profile of the Ketel One Vodka, 3 major flavor themes can be observed:

  • Coconutty
  • Green-citrussy
  • Tropical

This knowledge sparked us to search for more exotic ingredients in the Foodpairing Explorer in order to create some new cocktails. Here is the Foodpairing tree of Ketel One Vodka, click to browse it in the Foodpairing Explorer.

We initially chose peach puree to match the tropical accents in the Vodka. Next we selected vanilla to make a syrup out of. Interestingly vanilla amplifies sweetness, so when making a vanilla syrup, one does not need to add as much sugar as you would do normally. Instead of using lemon or lime juice to counter balance with acidity, we used the more tropical tamarind. A lemon replacer quite popular in African cuisine.

Find the recipe here.


The Ketel One Citroen is laced with 6 different citrus fruits, which results in a very obvious yet complex citrusy theme. Instead of following the apparent citrusy direction when designing our next cocktail, we chose to focus on some rather concealed themes, like spicyness, greeny and flowery.For starters we selected avocado, playing the green match in full. This we acidified with lime and yoghurt. Lime might be a close relative to lemon, but it surprisingly has a lot of green notes to it, combining well with the avocado. We further polished the cocktail by adding milk.

Find the recipe here.

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About a month ago we participated together with the people from Monastrell in a Foodpairing Cocktail & Foodpairing dinner.
Chef Maria José San Roman presented food combinations together with cocktails by bartender Gegam Kazarian.

One of the spectacular Foodpairing combinations was this dessert with strawberry and coconut linked with a avocado-tequila-lime juice-ginger-basil cocktail.
The tequila in the cocktail is a special one Excellia, Tequila aged in Cognac barrels. We didn’t analyze yet this particular tequila, but from the Foodpairing tree you can see tequila and strawberry do combine.


Comfort food is great, but we still want to experience thrills and new tastes. We see Foodpairing being used more and more frequent to uplift classical dishes, to give them a surprising twist.
Gourmet burgers are a nice example that there is no limit to add surprising great tasting ingredients; bone marrow, porcini, sesame oil aïoli… or rework cheese burgers

or chicken burgers. Find here some of the combinations you can make with e.g. chicken

Components like hummus will come in a dozen of more new flavors, Guacamole will be enhanced with surprising additions
These are some of the combinations you can make with Avocado to make your new version of Guacamole;


As the end of the year is approaching, sites like Food&Wine start to launch ‘lists’ like the Top 10 restaurants dishes of 2011
One of the dishes is this salmon-sea beans-buckwheat-avocado by Salt of the Earth, Pittsburgh.

(source: Food&Wine – Laura Petrilla)

With avocado you can indeed do much more than making guacamole. Have a look at the Foodpairing tree of avocado;

So why not trying avocado, chicken and coconut sausage, yoghurt, white chocolate, mint (experiment by Peter Coucquyt)


Going through the flavor profile of rhubarb, I came across avocado as being one of the best combinations. As always we then start to look who already made this combination before. If you Google it, this website is one of the hits: Italian notes (+recipe)
This is what the website tells about this pairing: “Any talk of a marriage between rhubarb and avocado will arouse nose-wrinkling suspicion, but come to think of it, the combination is not that far-fetched. Avocado goes well with lemon, grapefruits and oranges, rhubarbs can be very sweet and very sour, and anything that strikes a good bittersweet fat-and-salty balance seems attractive in theory. In this case reality goes to match. The actual salad is surprisingly refreshing and a great accompaniment to red meat, strong cheese and hot and spicy salumi.

Rhubarb as combines with chocolate in desserts or in classical combinations with fish like Mackerel by Nigel Slater

or by Gordon Ramsay or in this combination of Hubert Keller: Sea Bass with Rhubarb coulis


While surfing on the site of Starchefs (Sadly I won’t make it for Starchefs ICC this year. If you are there certainly visit Sang Hoon Degeimbre. He will also do a workshop using I got across some of the recipes of the Michelin star awarded Dovetail NYC restaurant. In the chef’s tasting there is a fluke, melon, avocado, celery root, shisito pepper combination. Here is a visualisation;

we haven’t analyzed Fluke or Shisito peppers yet, but you can see from the Foodpairing tree; fish combines well with avocado and also several chiles.