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Goat cheese with Tomato & oregano Bread by Albert Adrià

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 A good quality cheese deserves more than the company of a mediocre piece of bread. What about creating a bread with ingredients that perfectly match your cheese using Foodpairing®?

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The Catalan Albert Adrià, together with R&D Food Revolution, give a new dimension to the classic cheese platter. Using the Foodpairing® Inspiration Tool in the development process, they created different kinds of breads which pair up perfectly with 5 specific types of cheese.

The secret of the perfect cheese platter lies not only in the right combination, but also in the order of eating.  Each cheese has a different flavor depending on its aromas, taste and texture.

We start our cheese platter with goat and sheep cheeses accompanied by a piece of perfectly matching Tomato & oregano bread.

Goat or sheep cheese with Tomato & oregano bread

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Goat and sheep cheeses are characterized by a high acidity level and a refreshing taste. They are a perfect starter for a cheese platter since they warm up and awaken our taste buds.

The green aromas present in these type of cheeses can also be found in the aromatic profile of tomato. Tomato and oregano share their spicy, citrus and floral notes. Enjoying a piece of goat or sheep cheese on a tomato-oregano bread makes perfect sense.


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In a next blog post we continue our cheese platter with White mold creamy cheeses and Beer & Whiskey bread!

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Ben Roche of Moto (on the left) is one of the chefs who added a wonderfull testimonial to our Foodpairing website.

He was also one of the chefs we invited for the first Foodpairing event (The Flemish Primitives edition 2009) presenting his ‘chicago hotdog’, next to Heston Blumenthal, Albert Adria,…
This was his gift to us; his interpretation of the hot dog visualised in a tree;

While I was looking into the Foodpairing tree of cranberry, it remind me of the Chili dog by Ben.

Where the sausage is a cranberry sorbet (+ buttercake, brown sugar relish, pear)

To get more fantastic ideas for chefs and bartenders with cranberry, I added the dynamic Foodpairing tree.
To have this Visualisation on your own website?? =>=> we added the code in our facebook page.


So a Cointreaupolitan makes sense, as a sandwich chicken, cranberry sauce, Wisconsin muenster cheese.
What are your combinations inspired by Foodpairing?


Already a short impression of a very succesful day where we combined chefs form Belgium, France, The Netherlands, with guests like Peter Barham, Andrew Dornburg and Karen Page, Bart De Pooter, Heston Blumenthal, Albert Adria, Universities: KULeuven, Ugent, Food companies: Jules Destrooper, AB Inbev, Belgomilk, Unilever, Gourmandine, Alpro, Verstegen, Rougié, SDVO, Kraft, Belcolade to inspire and demonstrate how foodpairing can be used to obtain tasty, unexpected combinations