by Peter Coucquyt
on August 17, 2016

Lemonade with Lemon Verbena

Who says lemonade should be just lemon juice, water and sugar? Try infusing another dimension of bright summer flavor into the mix with this recipe for lemon verbena lemonade.

Lemon Verbena Syrup


  • 220 g water
  • 220 g granulated sugar
  • 5 g fresh lemon verbena leaves

Bring the water to a boil in a small sauce pan. Add the sugar and stir to dissolve completely. Remove from heat and pour out 400 grams of the simple syrup. Next, add the lemon verbena and allow the leaves to infuse for at least 12 hours. Strain and set aside.

Lemonade with Lemon Verbena


  • 100 g Lemon Verbena Syrup (see above)
  • 300 g water
  • 50 g freshly squeezed lemon juice

Combine the Lemon Verbena Syrup with the water and lemon juice. Pour into a pitcher filled with ice cubes and serve.

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by Peter Coucquyt
A former Michelin-starred chef, Peter applies his culinary expertise to the science of Foodpairing®, infusing the sensory experiences of aroma, taste and texture into every one of his creations.

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