by Peter Coucquyt
on December 25, 2015

Piny Fizzmass and a Happy New Cocktail!

There's more to your Christmas Tree than decorating it with ornaments, garlands and tree toppers. Make your own pine tree syrup, just like you would make any other herb syrup and use it to give your cocktails a herbal flavor twist. This Piny Fizz cocktail will make you enjoy your Holidays with friends & family even more!

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  • 45 ml gin
  • 80 ml orange or mandarin juice
  • 30 ml lime
  • 20 ml egg white
  • 20 ml pine syrup (100ml water-100 gr sugar-hand full of pine needles)
  • freeze-dried raspberries


Pine syrup: Make your pine tree syrup like you would make any other herb syrup. Bring water & sugar to a boil, add handful of pine needles and let infuse. Sieve and let cool.

Add ingredients in a shaker and dry shake. Add ice and shake. Pour in a cocktail glass and decorate with a small pine tree branch from your Christmas tree and some small pieces freeze-dried raspberries.

by Peter Coucquyt
A former Michelin-starred chef, Peter applies his culinary expertise to the science of Foodpairing®, infusing the sensory experiences of aroma, taste and texture into every one of his creations.

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