by Peter Coucquyt
on November 19, 2014

Strawberry – Brugge Rodenbach cheese – Tequila – Gueuze

The aroma of Brugge Rodenbach cheese is a combination of cheesy, creamy, fruity, roasted and floral notes. Strawberry is fruity, cheesy, green, roasted and floral, making a good fit to this cheese.

In this cocktail we build on the floral and fruitiness by adding tequila and Gueuze. Sugar syrup and lemon juice is to balance the taste.

Gueuze and strawberry are sour. If your replace them, you have to balance out the recipe.

Preparations (6 persons)

  • 100 g Strawberry
  • 15 ml Sugar syrup
  • 22,5 ml Lemon juice
  • 45 ml Tequila
  • 45 ml Gueuze Fond Tradition
  • Brugge Rodenbach Beer

Crush the strawberries in a shaker. Add tequila, lemon juice, sugar syrup and ice. Shake. Double Strain in a glass. Top with the Gueuze. Serve with Brugge Rodenbach cheese.

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by Peter Coucquyt
A former Michelin-starred chef, Peter applies his culinary expertise to the science of Foodpairing®, infusing the sensory experiences of aroma, taste and texture into every one of his creations.

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