by Marie Haspeslagh
on November 2, 2014

Foodpairing pop-up @ Flemish Food Bash

Flemish Foodbash - an extravagant food party - organised by the Young Kitchen Rebels. Foodpairing was there with a real pop-up.

flemish foodbash foodpairing

The Flemish Kitchen Rebels, a group of young forward Flemish chefs, decided to pull off a real food bash; a mixture of music and delicious food & drinks prepared on the spot in Café D'Anvers.

To name a few, Vincent Florizoone of Le Grand Cabaret, Nick Bril of restaurant the Jane, Alex Verhoeven of Fleur de Sel and Jan Tournier of Cuchara.

Foodpairing Pop-up

First appetizer on the culinary route of the Flemish Food Bash guests was Foodpairing Popcorn. A savoury popcorn with Algae - Passion Fruit - Sichuan Pepper.

enter image description here

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