by Bernard Lahousse
on May 29, 2014

Strawberry and cheese pairings

Strawberries combined with dairy such as milk or cream are combinations that we all know and love. Think of a strawberry milkshake or strawberries with whipped cream on a tarte. Less we are used to combine strawberries with cheeses.

However if you look at the aroma profile of strawberry aromas smelling like fruity, cheesy, green, roasted are crucial to obtain strawberry.

So if cheesy, fruity is so important for strawberry, it is not so surprising to find out that cheese and strawberry combine.

Sneakpeek of possible strawberry & cheese combinations

With the Foodpairing Inspiration Tool we can start from strawberry and through the filters we can immediately see which cheeses have an aromatic link to the strawberry. Generally seen, the spicy, salty character of cheese is very tasty with the sweet and sour taste of strawberry.

Foodpairing Inspiration Tool

strawberry and cheese foodpairing tool

Some Foodpairing® Strawberry & Cheese recipes

Strawberry - Chimay Doré Cheese - Bell Pepper

Strawberry - Chimay Doré Cheese - Bell Pepper

Strawberry - Chavroux Cheese - Basil

strawberry chavroux cheese basil

Brugge Rodenbach Cheese - Strawberry - Tequila - Gueuze

Brugge Rodenbach Cheese - Strawberry - Tequila - Gueuze

by Bernard Lahousse
Scientist, food aficionado and Foodpairing® founder Bernard Lahousse applies his scientific approach to food innovation and extends his knowledge to chefs and bartenders all over the world.

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