by Bernard Lahousse
on July 22, 2013

Make original Pincho’s with Foodpairing®

Let’s see how Foodpairing can spice up your pincho or bruchetta. A traditional bruschetta with tomato is easily made, let's look for some non -traditional new pairings.

Search for new combinations with Foodpairing®

What about when you're searching for some new combos to put on the toast? Foodpairing offers tons of inspiration for these little appetizers. Just navigate to the Foodpairing Inspiration Tool and enter a starting ingredient. Next select matching ingredients and your done. You can start your foodpairing searches from pretty much anything that comes to mind.

To keep it simple we selected the bread base 'french baguette' as a starting point.

Foodpairing Tree

Some mouthwatering pincho pairings

French Baguette - Pea - Dried Ham - Mint

Cook the peas and blend them to obtain a smooth pea puree. Perfectionists can pass the puree through a sieve for extra smoothness. Put the puree on a toasted slice of baguette. Finish the bruschetta with dried ham, olive oil and some mint sprigs for freshness.

French Baguette - Artichoke - Goat Cheese

Next recipe follows the same blue print, but with different ingredients (no need to change a winning game). Mix some pickled artichokes. Put the puree on a toast; garnish with a few pieces of pickled artichokes and a few dots of goat cheese (eg Chavroux).

French baguette - Cream Cheese - Mango - Lemon Verbena

When carefully dosed, a bruschetta can benefit from some sweetness. In the following recipe we mixed cream cheese with chopped spring onions and a little mango chutney. The whole was finished with some extra mango chutney and some lemon verbena.

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