How to turn Atomic food by David Guetta into a dish

The 8th edition of the world famous Tomorrowlandwas a big hit. The 180000 visitors were submerged in a magical world with a gigantic dance valley, fresh cocktails, spectacular acts, top chefs, the best DJ in the world like David Guetta.

Going through some older performances by David Guetta, we found ‘Atomic food’ quite intriguing as it lists a range a food products. How to turn Atomic Food by David Guetta into a dish?

In Atomic food you have following lyrics;

Oranges Bananas Onions Grapes
Chocolate Apples Lemon Potatoes
Celery Lettuce Cherry Ice cream
Yogurt Butter Jam Salt

Some of these combinations really work, like the Orange, banana, onion, grapes. Download our free app for chefs and bartenders on itunes to see more of these surprising combinations.

We transformed it into a chutney of orange, banana and raisins







5 oranges (juice and zest)

80 g spanish onion (shredded)

1 g cinnamon

1 g ginger powder

0,5 vanilla pod

1 chili pepper

0,5 dl vinegar

300 g of sugar

30 g raisins

7 oranges (for the parts)

1 banana


cook 2 times the zest of the orange in water.

fry the onion, add the spices and about 100 g of sugar. Caramelize. Add the vinegar, orange juice and the rest of the sugar.

Reduce on a moderate heat until you become a syrup.

Cool down. Add the parts of the 7 oranges, the banana and the raisins.

to be served with

Beaf Fish Lamb Water
Milk Cheese …



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