by Bernard Lahousse
on June 15, 2012

Beer and oyster Foodpairing

To know which food pairs well with beer, we continuously analyze the flavors of beer like this Leffe Royale.

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The flavour profile of Leffe Royale

Leffe Royale is a top fermented Belgian Abbey Ale, intense and complex. From the first sip, the palate is tickled with notes of clove and vanilla. Secondly, the fresh aromas of banana hatch in the mouth. Finally, subtle notions of geranium and citrus arise,  resulting in a finely balanced, fresh and sweet finale. Based on the flavor profile following combinations can be made; coconut, rum, tomato, litchi, cucumber...

Foodpairing Tree

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Oyster - Coconut - Lychee - Leffe Royal Beer

oyster coconut lychee


  • 4 oysters
  • 2 lychee 100 g
  • coconut puree
  • 1 ts lemon juice
  • 1 g guar gum rose leaves  


Mix the coconut puree with lemon juice and guar gum. Store in refrigerator until use Open the oysters. Loosen them. Clean the shell and, if necessary the oyster also. Remove the peel and pit the lychee. Cut into 4 Spoon some coconut puree on the oyster shell. Put on the oyster. Garnish with pieces of lychee and a rose petal. Serve with a Leffe Royale.

by Bernard Lahousse
Scientist, food aficionado and Foodpairing® founder Bernard develops a scientific approach to food innovation and offers his knowledge to chefs and bartenders all around the world.

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