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Gazpacho Foodpairing variations

Gazpacho is an ideal dish to apply Foodpairing on. It is very easy to add little twists to this classic combination.
Starting from the Foodpairing tree from tomato, you see the classical ingredients for gazpacho like tomato, bell pepper, cucumber, olive oil,… but you can also see some new variations like the watermelon. Click on the image and the (+) to see more combinations(treehugger) , blue crab (Food&wine), raspberry (example recipe), coffee, lemon grass,…

source picture: treehugger

Chocolate jerky Foodpairing

Dried meat or bacon with chocolate is not that far-fetched. You can find several chocolate companies in US who offer this combination. But this one is upgraded and to be consumed with whisky.

Apero praline by Michel Eyckerman of Puratos (other chocolate recipes)

Praliné 50: 375 g
Hazelnut paste 110 g
Ebony cocoamass: 90 g
salt: 2 g
Jerky cuttered into powder: 100 g
dried onion: 50 g

Melt and temper the Ebony cocoamass, mix with the praliné and hazelnutpaste. Add salt, powdered jerky and dried onion. Add the filling to dark chocolate cups. Leave to cristallise. Close the cups with tempered dark chocolate

Beer and oyster Foodpairing

To know which food pairs well with beer, we continuously analyze the flavors of beer like this Leffe Royale.
Leffe Royale is a top fermented Belgian Abbey Ale, intense and complex. From the first sip, the palate is tickled with notes of clove and vanilla. Secondly, the fresh aromas of banana hatch in the mouth. Finally, subtle notions of geranium and citrus arise,  resulting in a finely balanced, fresh and sweet finale. Based on the flavor profile following combinations can be made; coconut, rum, tomato, litchi, cucumber… (more combinations see Foodpairing tree)
We selected oyster, rose, lychee, coconut

Recipe: Oyster – coconut – lychee – rose

4 oysters

2 lychee

100 g coconut puree

1 ts lemon juice

1 g guar gum

rose leaves


Mix the coconut puree with lemon juice and guar gum. Store in refrigerator until use

Open the oysters. Loosen them. Clean the shell and, if necessary the oyster also.

Remove the peel and pit the lychee. Cut into 4

Spoon some coconut puree on the oyster shell. Put on the oyster. Garnish with pieces of lychee and a rose petal.

Serve with a Leffe Royale

More combinations with beer and other products, you can find here.

Sherry Foodpairing cocktail

In the best 101 cocktails by Gaz Regan this cocktail by Hannah Lanfear was featured.
Sherry and grapefruit make a lot of sense, as honey and many other combos.
Grapefruit Whistlestop
Hannah LanfearBoisdale Canary Wharf, London
A light, summery cocktail that’s very refreshing – it would make a good brunch drink.
Glass: Chilled coupette
Garnish: Grapefruit zest (discarded)
Method: Short, sharp shake, fine-strained into a chilled coupette.
40ml Aperol
20ml Tio Pepe
20ml freshly squeezed grapefruit juice
15ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
10ml honey syrup (3:1 honey to water)
(source picture: imbibe)


Sakura Foodpairing dessert with asparagus

Last month a crew of the Japanese television NHK visited our office in Bruges and one of the research lab we cooperate with. Yesterday it was broadcasted.
Our chef Peter made a dessert based on the Foodpairing of a typical Japanese ingredient; Sakura (pickled cherry blossoms)

Sakura was turned into an ice-cream. Asparagus is used raw in thin slices. Raw asparagus has some sweet and spicy notes, which makes it applicable in a dessert. The floral notes from the sakura match fruits like raspberry. The almond aroma in the sakura combines with chocolate. Resulting in following dessert; Sakura icecream, raw asparagus, raspberry, chocolate spongecake.


Elderflower cocktail inspiration

Time (May-June) of the year to pick elderflowers to make syrups, vinegars, aromatized wines…

Recipe elderflower syrup:

600 g sugar
600 g water
1 lemon
Elderflower (without the stems – flowers have to contain loads of pollen)

Make the sugar syrup by boiling the sugar with water. Add the lemon. Cool down.
Put a container full with the flowers.

Pour the sugar syrup until completely covered.

Some of the combinations you can make with Elderflower;

As Metaxa is very close to the center of the Elderflower (meaning it combines very well), a cocktail Elderflower syrup + Metaxa is making a lot of sense.

Our recipe for the Whistle tree;
10 ml Elderflower syrup
15 ml Metaxa
40 ml sparkling water

Garnish with elderflowers (fresh or confit)

We called it Whistle tree as the name of Elderflower (Sambucus) originates from the Greek word for whistle (wood was used to make whistles out of it).

The cocktail begins with the floral notes of the elderflower and the Metaxa and finishes with the nutty, sherry flavors of the Metaxa.


Beer and Foodpairing

You want to make some surprising Foodpairing combinations with specialty beer, check out the more than 40 Beer and Foodpairing recipes we have on our Foodpairing website.

Combine some of the good stuff of Belgium in Belgian endives – Belgian chocolate – Vanilla ice-cream + Cuvée du château

Raspberry – beetroot – mackerel + St.-Louis Premium Framboise

Lobster – passion fruit – sweet potato + St.-Louis Premium Kriek

and loads of other recipes