Monthly Archives: April 2012


Over the last year we started to go deeper into different varieties and terroirs. Strawberries is one of the crops (like apples, citrus fruit, raspberries,…) we started to work on more into detail. We now have strawberries from California to Japan and about 15 different varieties.

Varieties like Gariguette, Mara des bois, Darselect,… I’m growing in my garden.

As an example we added a selection of possible combinations with Gariguette from France.
Make combinations like this strawberry-bell pepper-basmati rice icecream. In April all varieties will be added to the PRO membership.


Growing your own lemon grass isn’t that difficult. Go to your local asian store and buy the fresh lemon grass you normally use for cooking.
Put the lemon grass for about 1 week in an inch of water and cover with a transparant plastic bag (to obtain a very moist environment).
After one week, transfer the lemon grass to a container with moist soil and cover again for 1 week.