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To celebrate World Whiskey Day, we are sharing a Moroccan twist on the Whiskey Sour classic cocktail.

15 ml of Whiskey
10 ml lemon juice
2 g of cinnamon stick
10 ml of syrup with peppermint, cinnamon, licorice

Crush the cinnamon sticks, add ice, shake with the other ingredients. Double strain.

As you notice in the Foodpairing tree, Whisky embraces the whole world; Italy, Spain, Peru, Papua N. Guinea, Japan, Australia, France,….


The first seedlings popping up are these dwarf peas;

In the meantime we also started to sow; amaranth, beets, different types of basil, coriander, thyme, different types of butternut, beans, flowers like marigold…

We are looking for plants for our green roof and exploring vertical wall systems.


We started 2 weeks ago with mainly peppers, tomatoes, dwarf peas and eggplants. The varieties we got from Emmanuel Iruthayathasan (who has bred his own varieties focused on flavor for more than 10 years).

To increase the success rate, take the following steps;

Step 1. Label your pots (with labels and write on the pots)

Step 2. fill the pots with seed-starting mix, leave space about 1 inch. Never use regular garden soil to start seedlings.  

 Step 3. Add water until the soil is saturated

Step 4. Make small holes and place the seeds as pictured below if you are growing eggplants or peppers.

Step 5. Cover first with some soil. Finish with turf

Step 6. Place into a light spot and DON’T water during 2 weeks


More and more chefs start to cultivate their own vegetables as the market place offers only a limited amount of varieties. wants to give vegetables, fruits, herbs a central place.
To increase the presence of home or restaurant grown vegetable we want to support and inspire in how to grow vegetables in a limited space and want to show how to breed your own new tasteful varieties.
Urban gardening is going mainstream, but we like to be creative in the selection of plants. And we want to move to the next level; breeding your own varieties.

I installed in my city garden a green house and during the next coming months I will update this blog, giving tips and tricks (which I get from breeders taking part in this platform) to show you how to be creative with limited space and how to start growing your own varieties.


Over the last few weeks we heard quite some positive sounds about chef David Toutain. Recently at the diner table at Hertog Jan together with Steve Plotnicki (opinionated about dining), Laurent Vanparys (gastros on tour),… and Monday in the Palmares du Pudlo Paris 2012 (les lauréats de l’année).

This article by Gilles Pudlowski gives an overview of some of the dishes of the inspirational instant kitchen of the chef, including this yuzu-common hogweed-rice combination (don’t confuse with the giant hogweed!).


We found this nice combination with crab on Town House Blog which we certainly wanted to share with you. It is a combination of brown butter, chestnuts, lardo, lime, onion, seaweed and roasted crab oil.

Looking into the Foodpairing tree of Crab, you will see all ingredients link.

Sakura recipe inspiration

Over the last months we started to increase the number of specific local ingredients. We added a number of trees like Monterey Cypress used by Daniel Patterson of Coi, Douglas fir used by Sang-Hoon Degeimbre of L’air du temps.
With spring in the air, we recently analyzed and added 3 products from the cherry tree; sakura dried, sakura pickled and sakura leaf.

The Foodpairing analysis was also used for a television programme with Dominique Persoone combining sakura pickled and sakura leaves into a chocolate pralin.

What would you make with Sakura?

I found this old post by Playing with fire and water, making a Sakura dessert, including sesame ganache, cherry yogurt panna cotta, rose-mahleb semifreddo,raspberry meringue, pink peppercorn crisp