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We asked some of our American friends their opinion about their most favorite Super bowl snack. Most of them claimed chicken wings. But crips, nachos also seems to be popular. So what about combining the two, taking the skin of chicken and turn it into a crispy fried texture.
Which Foodpairing combinations can you make with roasted chicken skin?

How do chefs interprete this?
Combine it with carrot puree by Kobe Desramault of In de wulf.

Or what about trying a hummus of chickpea with roasted chicken skin crisps and hibiscus?
Or make a chocolate  inspired by the Mexican Mole Poblano; chicken skin – hazelnut- dark chocolate(by Dominique Persoone of The Chocolate line)

Or another dessert version by Francois Geurds of The Ivy; pistacchio, pop-corn, chicken skin (source picture Elizabethonfood)

Other Super bowl restaurant combinations you can also find in a post by Starchefs featuring pig ears, pig tails and foie gras corn dogs.