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Ben Roche of Moto (on the left) is one of the chefs who added a wonderfull testimonial to our Foodpairing website.

He was also one of the chefs we invited for the first Foodpairing event (The Flemish Primitives edition 2009) presenting his ‘chicago hotdog’, next to Heston Blumenthal, Albert Adria,…
This was his gift to us; his interpretation of the hot dog visualised in a tree;

While I was looking into the Foodpairing tree of cranberry, it remind me of the Chili dog by Ben.

Where the sausage is a cranberry sorbet (+ buttercake, brown sugar relish, pear)

To get more fantastic ideas for chefs and bartenders with cranberry, I added the dynamic Foodpairing tree.
To have this Visualisation on your own website?? =>=> we added the code in our facebook page.


So a Cointreaupolitan makes sense, as a sandwich chicken, cranberry sauce, Wisconsin muenster cheese.
What are your combinations inspired by Foodpairing?


Based on the Foodpairing tree of Buffalo mozzarella you can dive into several directions and be inspired to make a lot of different dishes;

 You can combine with caponata (eggplant, raisin…), which you can find on the menu of Obika.

 You can combine it with peaches and hyssop like playing with fire and water did;

Or you can turn it into a gastronomic dish, like Grant Achatz of Alinea did with this combination of burrata, strawberry, basil, almond, jasmin
Or you can combine it with the best shrimps of the world, our north sea grey shrimps and add tomato, fennel like Bart Desmidt of Bartholomeus – here for Masterclass (where I also was invited, see movie – in Dutch though)


Yesterday Jonnie and Thérèse Boer of de Librije announced their new book at Food Inspiration in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) and as a surprised they presented for the whole audience an edible joint. We know that at the Librije they were doing tests with extracting the flavor of hennep (without having the hallucinating components). Some of the key flavor components of hennep oil are known. Let’s check if their combination with chocolate-mint-lemon makes sense;

The quote added to the package of the edible joints says:”This joint doesn’t contain any hallucinating components, but nevertheless you will never forget it”

Maybe we should look how to remake the flavor of the hennep oil, without using any of the plant.


Having a look at different types of citrus like Finger lime, Kabosu, Meyer, Sudachi, Kaffir, Ponkan,…

We analyzed already more than 20 different types of citrus. As a tasting, Finger lime from Australia…
Click in the tree if you want to have more info on the products or want to explore deeper.
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Based on the Flavor and Foodpairing analysis of pomegranate juice, Peter Coucquyt prepared a dish;
Mackerel escabeche-walnut-brussels sprouts-pomegranate.

Looking to the Foodpairing tree of pomegranate juice, what could a bartender do with it?

 A bartender could come up with a Pomegranate juice-Cointreau-Tequila combination.When googling this combination, it appears to be one of the favorite pairing of Oprah (link to site for recipe)

(source picture)


A Picture of a dessert by René Redzepi of Noma mentioning “Potatoes seems to be our new strawberry; here another dessert of prunes, potato and sweet cream”

Also a potato dessert with blackcurrant, litchi, strawberry :) is possible…


Continuing the ‘how to replace’ we looked for ingredients which take a lot of time to make…. like brown stock and replaced them with ingredients very easy to make.
In the following dish with pigeon, passion fruit, chocolate and belgian endive we replaced the brown stock with…freshly made coffee. If you mix this coffee with the other ingredients for the sauce you obtain a sauce where you can’t distinguish the coffee anymore, tasting like you would make it with brown stock.
So next time you don’t have time to make brown stock, just make a fresh brewed coffee.

Pigeon of Anjou, Belgian endive, passion fruit, chocolate and…coffee

Ingredients for 4
2 pigeons
Sauce: 15 g butter
            2 g garlic
            50 g shallots
            0,2 g bay leaf
            0,2 g star anise
            50 g mushrooms
            15 g butter
            180 g bones and legs of pigeon
            0.4 g baking soda
            50 g of red wine
            10 g soy sauce
            150 g fresh made coffee
            80 g water
4 Belgian endive heads
100 g girolle mushrooms
chocolate powder:        30 g white chocolate
                                    pinch of grated lime peel
                                    50 g tapiocamaltodextrine (malto Texturas)
passion cream:             100 g white chocolate
                        40 g passion fruit coulis
40 g hazelnuts
ground coffee beans
herbs to garnish
butter for frying
salt and pepper
Scorch the pigeons slightly with a blowtorch to remove feather remainders. Remove the entrails. Remove the fillets. Chop the carcass and legs into smaller pieces.
Season the fillets with butter and salt. Bake the fillets in hot butter, according to the desired cuisson.
Keep the baked fillets warm in an tin foil wrap.
Sauce without brown stock
Clean the shallots, garlic and mushrooms and chop them. Fry in butter with bay leaf and star anise. Remove from the pan and add water and butter. Season the chopped pigeon carcass and legs with pepper and baking soda and allow them to brown in the hot butter. Add the fried shallots, garlic and mushrooms. Bring to heat and add the red wine. Add the soy sauce, coffee and water and allow the sauce to reduce. Season to taste, strain and finish with a knob of butter. Keep warm
Belgian endives
Clean the endives. Season with salt and pepper and fry briefly in butter. Add some water. Allow to simmer on low heat. Remove from pan and drain. Then brown the endives in hot butter. Season to taste
Girolles mushrooms
Clean the girolles mushrooms with cold water. Dry them with a towel. Fry the mushrooms in hot butter and season with salt and pepper.
Chocolate Powder
Melt the chocolate. Stir in the zest of the lime. Add malto and stir with whisk until a fine powder is obtained
Cream of passion fruit
Heat the passion fruit coulis and stir in the chocolate. Allow to set while stirring regularly. Put the cream into a piping bag.
Roast the hazelnuts in the oven at 180 ° C. Let cool and chop coarsely.