by Bernard Lahousse
on September 28, 2011

Mango pairings

Last December, I had to do an talk with Harold McGee on his new book keys to good cooking, and going through the results on different types of mango, it came up my mind again that Harold McGee described an Alphonso mango as one of his most preferred foods.

Well, what to combine with Mango?

Foodpairing Tree

mango food pairing tree mackerel juniper berry celery leaves


You can translate this tree into a combination like the one of Alinea restaurant

Mango - mackerel - juniper - celery

source picture

Or give a little twist to a classic combination; Mango, lobster, salad + dark chocolate (by the Mangerie, Bruges) Which was the winning dish in a Chocolate Foodpairing competition here in Bruges.

Mango - lobster - dark chocolate

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