Monthly Archives: March 2011


It is incredible how many of you are using our Foodpairing website. Thank you for the support!! Over the last few years we got more and more questions about adding more (local) ingredients, improving the functionality (search function, dynamic tool), better explanation…
To give an answer to all this questions, we invested in a new website: Foodpairing

Also the visualisations became easier; the closer to the center, the better the match. So matches duck better with cucumber than e.g. pork.

In the free version you can see several brands and Foodpairing recipes: Try it
In the pro horeca version, the trees become dynamic, you can explore more than 500 ingredients, jump from 1 tree to another tree, explore categories (they fold open and give you an overview per category), you can add ingredients to your recipe box (taking into account your selection), you can add recipes, pictures,…Signup pro horeca
Feel free to give suggestions or remarks.