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We are proud to announce you the first edition of the event: The Flemish Primitives, focused on foodpairing. The event will take place the 5th of January 2009 in Bruges, Belgium.
As we get that many positive reactions on our foodpairing website and request to obtain more information, recipes, we had the idea to organise an event where we invite some of the best chefs in the world, together with some of the top food companies worldwide and local.
The idea of the whole day is to show all possibilities of foodpairing, in the morning we have a masterclass. In the afternoon 11 chefs will prepare 11 dishes each time based on a foodpairing performed on one of the products of the companies participating.
So you will see Sergio Herman of Oud Sluis (3*) making a foodpairing around fish, Peter Goossens of ‘t hof van cleve (3*) with bell pepper coulis, Geert Vanhecke of De Karmeliet (3*) with almond thins,… Click on the poster to detect more participating chefs
You will have the opportunity to taste all this dishes, to meet the companies, to experience flavours and new insights on onion and vanilla presented by Symrise.

We are also honoured mr Heston Blumenthal of The Fat Duck accepted to be our guest of honour.

And more follows…

I invite you to have a look at the website of the event (you can also order tickets online, there are already 600 tickets sold from the 1300 seats, so be quick…)

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We told already about Dominique Persoone on a combination of cauliflower and chocolate. He is one of the best chocolatiers in Belgium, also mentioned in the Michelin guide. He has his chocolate shop in Bruges, named The chocolateline In this video we want to show some new combinations. We did again a foodpairing cooking session in the kitchens of Obumex (a belgian top quality kitchen producer)in their main office in Staden.
2 foodpairings we are going to show; a combination around chocolate and oyster. Really nice presented like a pearl in his shell. Is served as appetizer. A second on garlic and chocolate (which doesn’t combine) to explain that you have to add to link them. In this case chicory, but it can also be coffee,… Video is in Dutch.


One of the upcoming pastry chefs in Belgium is Jean-Yves Wilmot of the pastry shop Wilmot.We did a foodpairing cookingsession in the kitchens of Obumex (a belgian top quality kitchen producer). This time in Brussels.
2 foodpairings we are going to show; a combination of a french baguette with chocolate mayonnaise, cured ham, caramelised red cabbage and pop-corn. And also a foodpairing around carrot, tomato, chocolate and raspberry. Enjoy. Video is in French.


Together with Roger Vandamme of the restaurant Het gebaar in Antwerp,we did a foodpairing session in the kitchens of Obumex (a belgian top quality kitchen producer).
3 foodpairings we are going to show; one around the combination of tomato and mozzarella. One around beetroot, shizo, chorizo and oyster leave. And the last one around potato with truffle. The recipes are a combination of foodpairing with some molecular gastronomy techniques like spherification, use of the siphon,…
This is one of the 3 movies we started to make with belgian chefs around foodpairing. So more will follow. This one is in Dutch.