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A recipe I very much appreciated at El Bulli, was the potato, coffee, caper combination.


– 150 g potatoes

– 150 g water

– 20 g olive oil

– 120 g potato puree

– 2 g gluco (calcium gluconodeltalactate)

– Alginate bath:
500 g water
3 g alginato

– Instant coffee

– Capers


150 g potato with water and olive oil in thermomix at 90°C until a creamy mass is obtained. Lower the temperature to 50°C and add the potato puree and gluco.
Mix well.

Put in a siphon.

Inject the potato mixture into the alginate bath and cut into pieces with a scissor. Store in pure water.

Add the coffee, capers and egg (in roner at 63°C)

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A next recipe of Kasteel Withof. Making a foodpairing around oyster with cucumber, lemon, yoghurt and watercress.

Ingredients: (for 4 persons)

– 24 oysters “Perles Blanches” n°4

– ½ peeled cucumber

– Vinaigrette of rice vinegar en olive oil

– 2 spoons yoghurt

– gel:
625 g water
60 g lemon juice
20 g wasabi paste
6.25 g salt
3.5 g agar
7 g gelatine

– Mousse of cress:
120 g watercress
90 g water
120 g cream
3 g gelatine

– Different species of seaweeds

– Marinade seaweed:
100 g rice vinegar
35 g saké
100 g mirin
5 g salt

– Borage cress


Open the oyster and clean if necessary.
Cut the cucumber in very fine slices

mix water with lemon juice, wasabi paste, salt and agar. Boil. Put the gelatine in the meantime in cold water. Squeeze and add to the hot liquid. Pour this mixture on plates to obtain a fine gel. Cool the gel down and cut into long, small pieces of gel.

- Watercress mousse:
put the gelatine into cold water. Clean the cress and cut into fine pieces. Mix with water. Beat the cream very light and mix with the cress. Add the gelatine. Cool down to settle.

- Marinade: Mix all the ingredients for the marinade. Marinate all the seaweeds for at least 30 minutes in to this marinade. Remove and put on a towel to dry.
Put also the slices of cucumber in the marinade for a short time. Add afterwards pepper and salt.

Dress the cucumber on the plates. Add some lines of yoghurt on top of it. Then the oyster and the gel. Add a little bit of the mousse of cress and add the seaweed and borage cress to end with.

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